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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Art of Walking In Heels

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Almost every one of us will have some sort of OCD when it comes to fashion. While some cannot stop collecting miniature perfumes, branded bags or shoes or even diamond rings, I have a thing towards the towering heels! I can spend hours in a day browsing at heels. Browsing but not buying. Browsing and wanted to buy. Browsing and keep track of the model numbers. Browsing and keep sending links to friends over the chatbox on how gorgeous those heels were.

This is a write-up inspired by my deep-seated passion for towering heels, dedicated to shoes that can make anyone stand with confidence.
Nevermind that I don't have long legs, 
but I have super high heels that gives me a fake visual of longer legs! 
Suede heels in 5.5 inches height, I love!!

One of the online stores that I never can stop love browsing is Malaysia's very own Agape Boutique. Standing at 164cm, I have always wanted to be taller than what I am now (though I should be grateful that I pass the 160cm benchmark!). Perhaps my previous job, which involved working with towering high models, made me more conscious of my height - hence I have mastered the ability to stand for more than 8 hours in heels, running behind the scenes during fashion show events (yes, I am just kiasu like that!). 

You may ask then, how does a 72kgs woman can stand on heels for so long? Because I practised the art of walking on air! =D I guess it's a matter of adaptability! The longer you persevere, the better you be!

Ostrich-skin inspired patent pumps in light pink 
and my 4-inch leopard printed pumps!

The collection of heels in Agape Boutique is seriously jaw-dropping for 2 reasons: it is super affordable and is superbly stylish! Perfect combo for those who are in pursue of 'economically stylish' sense in fashion. Barely hitting RM60 for a pair of gorgeous heels, who can resist buying a few pairs at one go?!

I personally have a thing for all of their super high 5.5 inches and above heels. You can easily spot these heels by their characters - 1.5 inches platform for the front sole and super slim heels. Let me feast your eyes with some sumptuous selection of heels that I love and I am sure you would too!

Heel above 12cm height, all available in Agape Boutique

Just like make-up enhances our natural beauty, a gorgeous pair of heels function as great confident boosters - they make us look better, stand taller, and feel better! I cannot recall the first time I had these on and was wobbling my way to work as I have been on heels for way too long. 

But heels hurt, you say?
Many of my friends ask me how can I endure the pain in a pair of heels. It's really about finding the right pair and design that suits you and your lifestyle. Some may not be used to a certain degree of inclination hence their body may not be able to adjust accordingly and result in bad standing posture. I always remember this basic instruction of yoga - to stand and distribute your weight to the 4 corners of your feet and loosen up those little toes as they are not meant to hold your weight. Of course, there are also those who do not feel secure to be standing on an elevated platform (regardless of how heavy you are) and feels like they cannot balance themselves on those small surface of heels and soles. It requires a lot of mental strength too =D

With a vast selection of heels and other types of shoes that may be of your preference, Agape Boutique may just have all kinds of different shoes to suit your needs. 

Heels with height of maximum 12cm and below - 
for those who prefer to have the normal heels height.

For those who prefers to have a 'solid' foundation

For those who prefer to stay grounded in comfy flats :)

Personally, I prefer to stay grounded in my heels! =P
Start your shoe-shopping experience here! 

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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