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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

'Tis the season for... Ramadhan Sale!

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

If you're wondering why and how am I able to infuse so many of my camwhore pictures for every online blogshop that I review or write about, that is because I shop as much as I write. In fact I shop more than I write =S

It's pretty hard to resist some great bargains in the blogosphere, especially after you've come across equally good quality items online at affordable prices as offline. It saves a lot of hassle of going to the malls. And yes, as boring as it may sound, I do not go to the malls. Mainly because I have problems locating my car in the parking area (and the rising crime rate in the carparks of malls is a little scary!).

So, we spoke to one of our favourite catalogue blogshops to see if they could have a discount for our readers - in the name of Hari Raya festive shopping, and to make up for the loss of offline shopping due to congestion and safety issues. And they said yes!

For the whole Puasa month, YSK readers will enjoy an RM5 discount for each item purchased from Agape Boutique.

Agape Boutique have been a regular blogshop that I visit whenever I need a pair of heels of the latest trend. With their continuous supply of new stocks almost every months, both pre order and ready stocks, it could almost take forever to browse and sending links to friends and start a 'Should-I-buy-this' discussion thread. They sell an even relatively huge selection of dresses too, but it's way harder for a girl to find a pair of  picture perfect heels than dresses! Hence today I shall talk about nothing buy shoes from the Agape Boutique :)

Agape Boutique has been in the blogosphere for as long as I can remember when I first got into the amazing world of online shopping 3 years ago. The online store is based on the simple shopping concepts of consumer choices, efficiency, and affordability. Once you have clicked into those album links, it's pretty time consuming as there's an endless palette of footwear and apparel to choose from, like this!

so many colors, so many choices!

Did I say ready stocks too??

Personally some of us would have encounter some bad buying experience especially if it's a Pre-order spree. I was lucky as I managed to grab all 4 pairs of heel from Agape and 2 more friends grabbed another 5 more pairs while we bump into Agape Boutique in Mofew last year in Mid Valley. And for the price we pay for, I would say it's not bad :) Definitely would continue browsing for the latest pair in trend!

Some camwhore pics of yours truly in Agape Boutique shoes to share! =D

every girl needs a pair pair of black heels to carry you from work to dates ;)

the leopard printed satin heels works well for party and work too!

Wei Ni from Peep Boutique too has a collection of camwhore shoes from Agape Boutique =D

Nude and black - the two must have color schemes for all girls
We bought the same suede heels during Mofew. It was hard to resist!!

For the bold ones - leopard high cut wedges and inspired Doc Martens boots

If you are  not familiar with what is available in Agape Boutique extensive range - both ready stocks and pre-orders, here's some of the pieces that I would go ga-ga for!

 From winged wedges to colorblock heels (kinda reminds us of Greek gods)
to the cutest color combinations ever, how can you not be dazed!?

Loving those tribal/aztec printed wedges which is a current craze. 
And who can resist a pair of sexy stiletto heels that elevates the wearer by an extra 5 inches!

Agape Boutique also has a range for those of you with larger shoe sizes (Shoes Sized 34-43). Not an extensive collection, but sufficient enough to pick a pair or two for any occasion. :D

For those of you who are extremely eager by now to start shopping for Raya, this is the best time to do! For every item purchased, all you readers are entitled to get a rebate of RM5 for each item!! Yes you hear me right. For each item that you purchase, you get a discount of RM5. Meaning if you buy 3 items, you save a total of RM15 for your purchase, from their already super reasonable price!

Simply pick your items' article number and insert the password "RM5 rebate from Agape" in your e-mail order to enjoy the bargain! Exclusively for all our beloved YSK readers - Selamat Berpuasa to our Muslim friends, and Selamat Shopping to everyone! :D

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


John Hanley @ catalog returns said...

I just loved that collection of footwear, they just amazing.

anu said...

Wow great collection......so tempted to go shopping

bukittinggi fashion said...


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