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Friday, July 13, 2012

The tale of Beauty and the Box

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Once upon a time, in a land right where you are, there was a woman who was a beauty junkie. She loved trying new beauty products that were out in the market, she loved seeing what worked and what didn't and what could work even better than before. There was only one problem - she couldn't afford to keep buying full-sized bottles and products from stores just to keep trying!

One day, as she was sitting at her laptop trying to figure out how to budget her beauty cravings into her monthly expenditures, she came across the fairy godmother of beauty junkies - a monthly Beauty Box from Fabulous Finds!

This is most probably a great news to all beauty junkies out there. For those who have always have a penchant to try out new beauty products in the market and end up buying a full sized bottle because there are no miniature bottles or samples available, the BEAUTY BOX from Fabulous Finds could very well be your monthly surprise beauty haul ;)

Encased in a sleek gloss laminated hardcover box, the Beauty Box comprises of a selection of samples derived form some of the established brands over the make-up counter. It was so elegantly packed that I was a bit hesitant to tear the wrapper inside (because I think I could recycle the entire packaging for friend's gift!).

What is a Beauty Box?
This is a pretty new concept to me, and I actually got to know about it after reading about it in a beauty blog. Basically the beauty box contains an array of beauty products that ranges from beauty and cosmetics items sourced from established brands. These are mostly miniature/sample sized products that could either be a product already in the market or a new released item from a particular brand. 

part of my waste-money beauty junk. I only use the perfume out of all on display =D

Why Should You Get It
Well, if you are a sworn beauty junkie, I guess it won't need much convincing for you to start subscribing now. I got my July edition and was elated as it is totally worth more than what I paid for (and I can recycle the gorgeous box =P ) With such pretty packaging and also tonnes of beauty items in it, this serves as a great gift ideas to girlfriends when you are clueless on what to get or totally have no time to go to the mall to scout for anything. Simply click in to Fabulous Finds and order a set for your girlfriends. Or if you love them much, order an annual subscription so that your girlfriend will get a monthly supply of beauty surprises for the next 12 months! Hint: If there are any guys reading this, I think you know what to do by now ;)

What Is In that Pretty Pink Box
Lots of stuff that most girls will fancy! Let me show you my July subscription of the beauty box :)

did I mention how gorgeous the packaging is? =D

the entire set (picture borrowed from FabulousFinds)

as if the packaging is not pretty enough, items comes layered with 
shredded confettis for that 'oh-so-luxury' feel =D


How Does The Subscription Work?
Basically you get to choose to SUBSCRIBE on a monthly basis at a rate of RM35 per month or a 3/6/12 months basis depending on your budget and level of beauty addiction, of course. To subscribe would mean to buy the beauty box. A month subscription means you purchase one beauty box for the particular month you made your purchase.

After your purchase, wait patiently for the box to be delivered out at a designated date each month to all subscribers of the month. This is most probably the most exciting part, because you simply do not know what will be the beauty items of the month! Each month there will be different products included in the beauty box. If you are a beauty blogger, this is a great source of beauty junks to test out and review as you save alot from not needing to buy the original sized products for testing purposes :)

The July debut collection subscription is currently still available. However, I would suggest that you don't wait till the last day of the month to get your set as it will be in a limited quantity allocated each month and you may miss your chance. I got mine the moment it was released as I am so worried in case I missed out the great deal =D

Start visiting Fabulous Finds to find out more on your own! ;) You can also check out some reviews of the items in the box via links in FabulousFinds Facebook page!

Happy Shopping!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


tansacmeli said...

good post ,great review

Wet Rooms said...

Really nice info I got what i need really product is good and in budget i want to buy.

Glam Tags said...

Finally! A Malaysian version of Glambag :)
Can't wait to get my hands on one.

Yasmin @ www.onlineshoppingstore.com said...

I appreciate your post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

Thank You.
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anu said...

thanks for the info, great post will help while i shop online

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