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Friday, May 4, 2012

Feeling Like an Entrepreneur? Start a business!

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Back when I was younger, the only extra income I could think of is walking into a shopping mall and asking for a RM3 per hour vacancy as a sales promoter. If one is slightly more intellectual, he or she could opt to offer tuition services to younger kids. That is most probably the only option available to earn extra income (besides trying to be super nice to parents and every other relatives who comes by, in hope of getting some money which they give to 'buy snacks').

Today, you can opt to still earn RM5 an hour as a sales promoter or a barrista, learning some people skills and hardship of being in the white collared community. But if you think you have got the business sense that will most probably build you an empire (think ASOS, think Jimmy Choo) you can  venture into something that you can call your own - an online business. A business done purely with the presence of a computer and broadband services. And some IT literacy. =D

So, the big question before starting an online fashion business - where do you get your stocks? Can you get these bulk stocks without the hassle of having to fly to Bangkok, Korea or Taiwan?

Cleocat Wholesale Fashion is a light bulk wholesaler based in Singapore. Light bulk means you don't need to buy this huge quantity amounting to the size of a mini van. You can purchase for as low as 15 pieces or less per transaction to enjoy resellers' rate.. But of course, if you have no intention to operate a blogshop but have a penchant to shop in bulk, or pool-shopping with a few friends, you can do so too in Cleocat.

The best thing on getting it from another online wholesaler is that you will be able to extract modeled pictures immediately from their catalogues to be loaded into your own site without the concern of picture credits.

Cleocat have gone further to shorten the process of you uploading the picture one by one by providing you an Adobe Flash based  mini catalogue application that you can immediately put up in your blog. Talk about convenience with almost zero programming skills needed! This is a particularly great application for you to expand to more than just buying a limited quantity of stocks, but instead you can choose their Dropship programme. Read more about Dropship here.

So you may wonder, if it's from Singapore, it surely must be pricey to have items posted all the way back to Labis, Kulim, Ipoh, Malacca, Kudat or where ever you are in Malaysia. Or even in Philippines, Nicaragua or Hawaii =D Check out their reasonable postage rates here

It may seem like a pretty easy task to start an online venture. After all, most blogs are free for use upon registration and wholesalers too have come up with hassle-free platforms for sellers to market their products.
Doing a little bit of homework to identify your marketing strength, your skills that can be applied and ensuring that you can endure the 1001 Q&A from customers will ensure that your journey in making thru the online entrepreneurship be slightly smoother ;)

In the case of this post, Happy Venturing into the Online Fashion Industry! =)

Happy Shopping!
By Cynthia Lee a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


North London Flower shop said...

It's a awesome post

Anonymous said...

What an awesome info you got there. I'm actually just started a business an online shopping to be exact and was actually looking for wholesaler but then tadaa! Got em. Thankssssss love!

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