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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Product Review: Dodora Magic Pink Cream

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

Pink is my favourite colour! Pink is the colour of youth and plump skin that goes ‘boing boing’ every time you touch it! It has a soft, bouncy and springy feel to it and that essentially is the epitome of youth and health!

When I was given the opportunity to review this particular product, I was a tad skeptical as to it’s functions. A magic cream that will leave you with naturally pink lips, cheeks and nipples? Surely not! Read on to find out what this pink cream is all about! :)

Dodora Magic Pink Cream!
Comes in a sickly adorable pink packaging with a girl in a pink dress blown away ala Marilyn Monroe wearing a crown. Comes in a clear white tube, the product itself is white as well but will turn pink once applied onto skin.

The ingredients. All I see is collagen, collagen, collagen!! Absolutely needed to keeping skin young, plump and wrinkle free! :)

This product promises to lighten any dark areas that you have and can be used on your lips, cheeks, nipple and umm… va-jayjay should you choose to use it there. It is said to prevent dryness and chapped lips and is best used after shower.

Now let’s see if this thing actually works! :)

I decided to apply a little dollop on to back of my hand first to test it out, as you can see the product comes out white.

Smoothing the product across the back of my hand, it looks a tad glossy and the pink doesn’t quite show yet.

Giving it a few more moments, the lovely pink shade slowly appears on the back of my hand. As you can see from the photos, the pink itself isn’t overly striking or bright, it just gives a really natural pink tint to your skin. Can you imagine this lovely healthy shade of pink across your cheek? As if you’ve just stepped out from the sun and you’re glowing and flushing from the inside.

Here’s how the pink looks on a piece of white tissue. Not very obvious and just a hint of pink! Lovely!

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks now. I personally find that it is better to apply a layer of lip balm underneath this product as it isn’t as moisturising as what I am used to.

Because my lips are already quite naturally pink, when I applied it there wasn’t too much of a difference. However, my best friend who has darker lips due to her constant need for nicotine noticed a really nice subtle difference to her lips! In fact, she likes this pink cream more than I do (so she was really bummed when a thief stole her bag with this cream inside! Anyone wanna sponsor us another tube? *hopeful face*)!

This Dodora Magic Pink Cream really gives you the most natural pink lips you can possibly get! I haven’t quite tried it on my cheeks yet, but I believe that if you put it on top of your foundation, it’ll give your cheeks a really lovely and natural pink flush!

All in all, if you’re looking for the most natural looking pink lip tint, this is definitely the one for you! And heck, if you do manage to try it on your cheeks do let me know how it goes and send me before and after photos as well! :)

Where to get this pretty pink cream? None other than the esteemed, Supermodel’s Secrets!
The price for naturally pink lips and cheeks? RM46 with PosLaju.
This Taiwanese product is incredibly popular in countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Supermodel’s Secrets to naturally pinkify your look! :)

Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"

SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya
 +6016 280 1990 (SMS/Whatsapp)

Till next time! 
Wei Ni out. 
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


Fatinn Izwanna said...

Hye sis.kalau nk tau dodora tu ori or not, mcm mn yer? N btl ke krim ni hnya pink smentara je? Bkn akn mrubah bibir gelap mjd pink?

MC said...

hye sis! klau nak check ori kena ade Hologram sticker hat belakang kotak yer. pink sementara 1 kali apply boleh tahan 8-12 jan. blh nak apply 1 kali sehari ye. tapi klau hari hari pkai dlm jangka masa 3-4 bulan dakan tgk bibir jd makin cerah~~
klau ade ape ape pertanyaan blh nak emel kpd
talk2us@supermodels-secrets.com yer..tq!

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