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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Product Review: Goldilocks' Little Secret

Product Review on Hair Extensions!
By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Welcome to another camwhore session of me, me and me!!
What is a review without the constant 'syiok-sendiri' camwhore rite? :)
And a camwhore session sometimes gets mundane when you lack accessories
My review buddy, Wei Ni does it best when it comes to accesorising for her camwhoring session ;)

The Lady Gaga-Waga hugs a tree campaign *tsk tsk*
(don't you love the platinum wig!!? <3)

Pocahontas frills and street blonde!

Yup, those 'plastic' hair do wonders to give a transformation ;) In more specific terms, it is called 'kanekolan' hair - synthetic piece, either as a full wig or as clip on extension that functions to add volume or simply to give you a makeover.
Of course, if you have no intention to face the real world and just want to show off to the virtual world on your makeover, you can always Photoshop yourself into any desired style...

Do you like my Inverted bob? Spotted on Rihanna too! =P
(the photoshop version!)

Wei Ni got her Pocahontas straight frills from Melody Love Fashion. And I followed suit =P

big cocoon of hair I got here! ;)

I got myself the curly sets as I have always have straight hair and it is kind of boring having to be in nothing but this...

I attempted in getting a wig before I got the hair extension though. I think my big head refused to be submerged under that bush of kanekolan, because I looked like Luigi of Super Mario Brothers *__*

Before the taking over by Luigi

*__* full hair wigs just don't suit me!

Hair extensions are way easier to adjust and fix onto hair as it is secured with built-in clips. I find myself a tad bit insecure with a full wig. Obviously my big head can't fit well into the cap, hence it moves quite a lot.

The hair extension is way easier to manage. For RM100, it comes in a set of 4 pieces - which comes down to RM25 for a piece. You can share with another friend when buying because a set of 4 may be a bit too much if you are of a petite frame and with a small head. For my humongous head itself, I only used 3. I could have used the entire 4 sets, but waking up 45 minutes before an event doesn't leave me with much choice but to quickly finish up my make-up and hair and leave the house a.s.a.p!

The full hair wig on the left and the extensions on top of the lampshade =P

Oh! Perfect color that matches my hair color! See how it's almost seamless when clipped on?

As much as I would like to doll up, most of the time I lack the equipment and accessories to do it. I do not have a real comb. Yeah, those thing that you use to brush your hair nice and smooth. I just don't comb my hair. Hence, it is only natural that I do not have items like curlers, hair spray, hair gel or such. Which is why I end up having straight bunch of hairs in between the curls from the extension. Tada!!

I am sure one day, it will be a trend to have both straight and waves on one head. No?

I am pretty happy with the sets of extension and my friends seriously thought I have grew such lustrous hair in such short time. Yes! It blends in so well in colour and in texture that they got conned into believing it is real. Though they do not understand the concept of having straight hairs in between waves =P

Like real hair! No?

If you have always been wondering how would you look like in a more voluminous crowning glory and would like to wow the crowd with hair that need no go under the saloon treatment, head on to Melody Love Fashion and choose our preferred style of extension and experiment on!

One last camwhore from a contented buyer ;)

For RM100 a set of 4, perhaps I should try to get the straight set too and see how would I look with voluminous straight hair! =P Get yours HERE!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


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