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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Perfect S

Product Review: LUS - S Line Slimming Cream
By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Sigh... the most dreaded subject for most girls - achieving the 'S' line at all the appropriate parts of the body. And it really doesn't help when most of the time we get ourselves seated in front of the PC updating Facebook status on what have you eaten today, drank, saw and thought about today while munching on tidbits.

And today lesson is about combating those cellulites which seems to have gone stagnant in many parts of our body. This is most probably the most worrying issues in us girls and woman. Be it at 39kg, 46kgs, 65kgs or 88 kgs, we are constantly on the search of products that promise us a slender figure, leaner legs and slimmer arms perhaps. Of course, with a proper diet and well balanced lifestyle with sufficient exercise, you are most probably 75% to achieving that. But with 65% of our time spent on Facebooking, and 50% of us girls who refused to do outdoor activities for fear that our complexion will get tanned and almost another 50% who cannot stand sweating, chances are that you will be like me - accumulating 'human lards' on all parts of your body.

And this is where slimming products come in. To assist the lazy us in burning fats without much hassle. Personally, if you ask if I do believe in slimming products or not, I would not give a certainty in my answer. Because, while a product may work on my neighbour, it may not work on me and vice versa. But by now, I am pretty sure most of us know that anything is worth a try if it gives some hope to reducing some inches off our body parts ;)

I managed to get hold of a set of LUS - S Line Body Slimming Glove from Supermodels' Secrets to try out recently. A box of it comes with 5 sets of gloves, for 5 applications obviously. This is a partial review as I believe items that are applied on individuals may often varies from one individual to another :)

The Contents

the whole set!

too basic an English statements that I can't really understand fully =P

Each packet contains one glove soaked in some moistened agent (the slimming cream).

The gloves comes in 2 different surface - an exfoliating surface and a massaging surface. As indicated in the instruction, the exfoliating surface is the one with dotted surface and the massaging surface is the other smoother one. However, when scrubbed on, the exfoliating surface seem to do more massage work and the smoother one seems to work better as an exfoliating surface (I may have gotten the surface wrong!) =P

But whichever surface doesn't really matter I guess, as it is equally drenched with the same slimming agents anyway ;)

How do you work it?

I started the 'exfoliating process' with the dotted surface as instructed. As the surface is only mildly grainy, it felt more like massaging. The other surface intended for massaging has a coarse texture and felt more like exfoliating! ;)

The dotted surface and the grainy surface of the glove.

After a mere 30 minutes of intense exfoliating and massaging (do not forget to make use of the exfoliating feature and scrub the knee cap also yah!), I felt some heated sensation on areas which I used the glove on. I supposed the fat burning agent is starting to work its way into the layers of fats =D

While waiting for it to work, do proceed to use the glove on other parts of the body, like the feet, back or anywhere else with dead skin cells that needs to be removed =D

Does it work?
Well, to be honest, so far I only had 2 applications. And it will be difficult for me to judge. But I had a before and after picture taken to justify if it does work ;) Then again, you may say I purposely stretch the tape to make some measurement variances. So I adjust the strap to the nearest mole as a point of GPS reference for both the before and after picture =P

I have also seen some reviews online and most does give some pretty good feedback.

How much would this cost you?
If you are a user of items such as Elancyl or any off the shelf slimming products, this is pretty much reasonably rated at RM89 (retail price) - currently available in all Sasa stores. But for you people who does not have access to the offline store, fret not! Supermodel's Secrets (yes, your one-stop vanity store) carries this too! And it is currently on a promotional rate of RM71 with postage included.

Hypothetically, I would say that in general most creams do work. But the results will definitely differ due to many factors. A cheaper product may require more application and extra hours to work on it ;) A slightly more advanced technology product (which is usually priced higher, of course) may take slightly lesser effort to see the results. Then again, sometimes it also depends on our body tolerance. I suppose everyone have a different tolerance/accceptance/adaptability level towards external products. Like how some girls can just make do with the traditional Hazeline Snow cream and get flawless complexion, while others literally milked a cow, shower ownself with milk and lather on expensive cream to get the same results ;)

What now?
If you are keen to try out the product, TWIO is currently having a super duper easy contest in Facebook and you get a chance to win an actual set of both LUS V-Line and S Line respectively. But of course the best prize of all is the Ipad that is up for grab!!

To enter, go to TWIO's Facebook page, Like the page and submit your most creative picture to reflect the V-Line or the S-Line concept / idea and start bugging your friends to LIKE your picture!

If in any case you are not very sure of how to enter the contest, here is a demo for you =P
  • Go to TWIO's page in facebook HERE
  • LIKE the page
  • Go to the Album - Contest of V-Line and S-Line HERE
  • My entry is picture No.9 - HERE
  • And LIKE me please!!! I want to win an Ipad! Please please!? =D =D

If you have browsed the entire LUS Line, I am sure you will notice the other range which is equally interesting - the LUS V Line for face slimming!! Stay tuned for that soon! In the meantime, head on to Supermodel's Secrets and read more about the products :)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


lina said...

Hi, I love the stripey dress ur wearing!! where did u got it from? how much?

today i m suhana said...

ahahaha... Factory Outlet Store (FOS) for rm30 only!! I think it's from the GAP brand :P

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