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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Product Review: Diva Essential - The Datin Series Part 2

Product Review by Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Products: Instant Eyeshadow & Bra Clips
From: Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store

Hello! This is Cynthia the guest blogger again! Continuing my journey into Datin-hood as usual. Did I tell you I have an increasing population of online shopper friends calling me Datin now? :D We shall further indulge ourself to the soul of your heart - the eyes!

What's a Diva when you do not have a set of proper eye to mesmerise people? :)
Anyway, besides the eyes, there isn't much part on a face that we can paint on colorful hues!

Be bold, be subtle, choose your level of diva

Which would you prefer?

Gazilions of eyeshadow pallete
the straightforward 3-in-1 eyeshadow sticker?

I have both :D The individual palette - when I have all the time in the world. You know, when you attend wedding dinner and they states in the wedding invites that reception starts at 6pm, but the actual dinner will only be served at 8.30pm. Which means you have exactly 2 hours in advance to procrastinate and do some high end couture-sculpted coiffeured hair and extravagantly airbrushed and silicone-pasteurised make up which creates a whole new you.

And what is not to love about 3-in-1 stuffs like soup, shampoo and drinks! ;) In today's series, we shall indulge into irritating camwhore pictures of my face exploring make-up in an instant :D

This is what I have: In-A-Blink Eyeshadow from Supermodels Secrets. The sugar sweetness combination may appear like you have just bought some toy makeup to put on your Hello Kitty :D Do not be fooled! I was a bit shocked when I see nothing but Paddle-Pop ice cream shades. And these are just colors that I would not normally look at in the makeup department. But I shall prove you wrong how they are not so 'paddle pop-ping' after all!

I figure some of you may not have any hands-on experience on makeup, though I would assume 98% of readers would at least own a lip gloss :D Anyway, I have a complete idiot's guide to basic makeup application to guide you through. (But I will not be held responsible if you do not turn out as what you have envisioned yourself to be! :P)

Step 1
The basic - slap foundation on the bare face,
and create/define whatever features not available.
In most cases, the sparse brow.

Step 2
Choose the preferred shade of quickie eyeshadow, peel off packaging and
identify the left and the right side of the piece of eyeshadow.
Close the eyes, slap it on the eyelid and
pull outward while pressing it gently to let the colors slide onto the lid.
You can use the tip to blend the color at the edge of the eyes.

Step 3A
Do not be worried of the 'paddle pop' hues of the eyeshadow.
Blend it with the tip of the 'spoon' which holds the color.

Step 3B
This is another color combo tried on another day.

Step 4
To accentuate the eyes, draw the eye with an eyeliner in any thickness preferred.
But since the eyeshadow is of a light shade, perhaps a fine line just to define the eyes will suffice.

Step 5
For extra volume, add in the quintessential of dramatic eyes - falsies.
I failed in false-eyelash application :( More info as reviewed by YSK.

Step 6
Don't forget there is a mouth below the nose to adorn too. Gloss it!!
If you are a fan of super moist lip balm, try the Carmex Lip Balm.
Yeah, it sounds like some car lubricant, but if it's sold out
and in re-stocking mode, it must be good!

Step 7
I want to be a diva, hence bling bling is essential :D

You can double the intensity of the eyeshadow by applying 2 sets at one application. That is if you are going up on stage to perform, or BOLD is your middle name. My name is Cynthia SUBTLE Lee. Hence the light application :D

I am not so sure of the rules to makeup application. To me, if you think you look good with your own make up skills, then you are indeed good enough to walk out of your room ;)

Oh! Before you leave the house, remember to check your bra strap if it shows. If it's a sexy piece of lingerie which cost more than your top, please show some straps! Otherwise, you may want to keep it tucked in from public display.

Which is where BRA CLIPS from Supermodel's Secrets come in! :D

The must-have item in a girls' closet besides push-up bras, sanitary pads,
shavers, lotions, tweezers ...

Serves 2 purposes: hide bra straps AND creates a bosom-full you! ;)
Cleavage booster, baby!

It's a pretty interesting alternative to the conventional palletes of eyeshadow. While I may not wear this to work due to the glittery effect, I definitely do not mind wearing it for a fun night out. Or even dinner. For those who prefers a deepr shades around the crease of the eyes, you can either use 2 sets of the stickers on one eye and blend to desired shade or add in your preferred color from your own pallete of eyeshadow to create different effect and intensity perhaps. There really isn't a defined formula to it, if you ask me :) Experiment!
The bra-clip is a must-have! Even if your objective is not to create any full effect of your womanly asset, it's a great device to ensure your strap do not peek out of the blouse. Made of flexible plastic, it will not snap and break even if you decide to get involved in cat-fights (which is normally the cause of bra-strap to show its sight).

The whole Datin series is brought to you by Supermodel's Secrets - your one stop centre to vanity essential from head to toe. Yes, from the Bumpits to the Mani/Pedi machine, they have it all at a rather affordable rate. They will be having a booth in this coming Youth 2010 Fashion Bazaar too. Do try and drop by and get your vanity supplies there! ;)

I'm loving my bumpits so much and it's such a great tool to camwhoring! :D

I am greatly saddened with the fact that I have yet to acquire the skills to put on falsies :( Even Sha-Lene can do better than me! A salute to girls who can do 3 layers of falsies at one application with ease. I failed terribly to have it secured on the lids at all. And this is the only most convenient place I managed.

The next time you see me, can you please call me Datin? :P

Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"

SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya
 +6016 280 1990 (SMS/Whatsapp)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


Izyan Darling said...

i really enjoyed reading the review. keep up the good job! ;)

Irenelim said...

The tweezers look like quite a handy thing, hor? :)

The Soul said...

Irene - try the newer generation of the Emjoi tweezer - The WIZZIT =D
rather reasonably priced too :)

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