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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Beauty Makeovers 101

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

It's every girl's secret fantasy - whether we're little girls watching The Princess Diaries or grown-up women wanting to be made-over into blooming butterflies. We've all seen it at some point in our lives - perhaps on your favourite reality TV program about Plain Janes being transformed into Sexy Susannahs, or when you went out shopping with your girlfriends and there was a makeover workshop at the mall's concourse. You know what I'm talking about - beauty makeovers! :D

Now imagine what a fun event it would be to have a whole 3 days filled with makeovers, information about makeovers, and makeovers you can DIY at home? Omgz!

That's where the Makeover Beauty Expo 2012 comes in!

I'm not sure about the rest of you beauty junkies out there, but this is most probably my first time hearing about the Makeover Beauty Expo 2012. Organised by One Expo, the Makeover Beauty Expo 2012 is their third installment and this time they will be having 82 booths occupied by all the relevant professionals in the beauty industry, fashion houses, modelling agencies and suppliers and manufacturers form the industries of course.

Certainly an event not to be missed if you're considering a profession in the beauty industry or looking for suppliers for your business. And of course, for freeloaders like me or any of you who are not in the industry but love beauty stuff, this is the time to barge in and get some goodie bags and scout for bargains!! =D

Also some pre-event hype with some gifts to win for all readers!

Win a Longchamps here: LIKE, SHARE & WIN

Win the Privia Skin Care Line here: LIKE, SHARE & WIN

Win the Cambridge Slimming Drinks here: LIKE, SHARE & WIN

If you have no idea what can you expect from the expo (I have no idea too!), lets have a peek of what have happened in the  past expo!

And what can you expect this year?

Among those who will be having a booth includes the following :
  • Amber Chia Academy
  • Geo Lens (woohoo! familiar brand name!)
  • Slimming Sanctuary
  • King of Mask (King? Seriously a King and not Queen?)
  • Heme Skin Care (ooh! I've seen this brand in Watson!)
  • Naruko Skin Care
There will be sales of designer bags at designated locations during the event, make-up shows and competitions, workshops, and of course the most awaited lucky draw to win some designer bags too! Who can say no to Lucky Draw!?

The organiser is also currently looking for online vendors who share the same passion in beauty and fashion to rent their booths under the Online Vendors Section. Do write in to oneexpo@gmail.com shall any of you online vendors want to enquire further. 

Check out the latest news in their Facebook page here:

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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