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Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's Maxi Dress Day!

A one-post hiatus from my hiatus -
because it's Maxi Dress Day today! :D

Dive into that wardrobe, pick out that maxi dress, and wear it!
Whether you're staying home, going out to the mamak stalls tonight,
going to college, hitting a party, lepak-ing at the mall ...
In the name of shopping kakis across Malaysia,
the multi-purpose wonder must be worn today! :D

And to get you into the spirit of this self-declared festive occasion,
here's a review on 8 maxi dresses I've managed to find online! :D
If enough of us wear it, maybe someday 7th January will be a new public holiday. :D

From Over Here RM50
I can spot the willowy goddess all the way from way over there!
Sixty inches of sheer cream-coloured heaven,
blow your audience away onstage, at the beach, at a party or at the mall!
Looking at the crocheted bust, however, I'd only recommend this for the smaller-busted.
Crochet = Not very stretchable.

From Lollysta RM59
The elusive tube maxi dresses - suitable for sizes 4 to 12
(not any bigger unless you don't mind it being tight) -
seen on our favourite Tinseltownies and in our maxi dress dreams! :D
Comes in a palette of colours for each maxilover's taste. :)

From Jazzabelle RM50
Ah, the cotton maxi dress! With a V-neck for those who dislike smocking.
Casual and comfy, yet striking enough for any occasion! :D
Last piece in tie-dye purple, who'll be the lucky girl? ;)

From femme@ellza RM49 | RM105
These peacock prints are absolutely magical!
Eyes attract eyes, so these feathered "eyes" will have all eyes on you for sure! :D
Comes with sleeves for those of us who are too shy to show our arms -
and don't feel like wearing a jacket or cardigan over. :)
Also couldn't resist throwing in that leafy BCBG Max Azria (original!) maxi into this review!

From Chaz Boutique RM55
Patchwork maxi dresses! :D You'll find that you can even make one on your own -
let the patches be as eclectic and truly expressive of your individual style!
Or maybe just buy this gorgeous one from Chaz Boutique. :P

From Lollysta RM69 - RM79
They have SO many maxi dresses to choose from! :)
A little higher-end on the pricing scale for blogshops,
but they seem to offer quality, design and length that aren't so common online.
Plus-sizers please be careful on the sizing range, most of their dresses will not fit past UK12. :)

From Winkstick RM60
Plunging V-necked maxi dresses for the sexy, slender and petite!
Comes in three shades of colour-fusion, very suitable for showing off 'em toned shoulders!

From CuCuCamber RM44 | RM43
Here's a blogshop with a soft spot for maxi dresses! :D
From paisley prints to eclectic swirls, or satin and mesh to jersey lycra and cotton -
they've got it all, and for under 50 bucks!

In love with maxi dresses yet? :D
I know I am! After all, it's Maxi Dress Day today!
If you've felt shy, or never wore that secret stash of maxi dresses in your wardrobe,
TODAY is the day to take 'em out and wear 'em out!

Back in '09: Your Shopping Kaki in her favourite maxi dress, blending in with the flowers in her garden! :D

Leave a comment
... if you're selling or re-selling a maxi dress!
... if you feel like sharing your maxi dress buying experiences!
... or if you just wanna tell all which of your maxi dresses you're wearing today! ;)

Happy Maxi Dress Day, everyone! :D
Click HERE to find out why 7th January every year is Maxi Dress Day!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


ShopaholicsCloset said...

Happy Maxi Dress DAyy!!!!
I am reselling Maxi dresses!!
there are more to be updated this weekend!! so do bookmark me!! :)


Falseberry said...

Don't know if selling short maxi dresses make the cut, (lol is there such thing?) but I guess it's worth a try. So here goes ;


Do check em out ya :D

CuCuCamber said...


ctkay said...

Yeah!!!i am totally supporting this !Bersungguh mahu pakai maxi dress today untuk support 7th January Maxi Dress day!COOL!
my buying experience would totally be @ sg wang plaza and Berjaya Times Square.
If you guys betul2 search the area u will find hot,stylish,pretty and affordable maxi dress!Guaranteed!

Chaz Boutique said...

TQVM Sha lene for the review :)

Happy Maxi Dress Day :)

aburzaworld said...

helo happy maxi day!! am reselling maxi can view thru here: http://www.trosworld.com/aburzaworld/#t

Joey said...

Hi Sha-Lene,
I'm actually in need of your help.
I remember you featured a blog post about a person who is doing a survey on online shopping. I was wondering if you could direct me to that blog post and perhaps, introduce me to that person. This is because her survey done will help me with my own assignment which is about online shopping. Hope to hear from you soon and thank for the help!

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Joey :)
There are actually quite a number of people who did surveys on online shopping. You can run a search on my website by typing "survey" into the search box (top left) or check out these blog posts:




Hope that helps! :)

La Robe said...

A spanking new blogshop catering for Maxi addicts ONLY :)

Happy Maxi-ng ! :D

La Robe

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