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Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Lucky Number 8"


It's time to face the number ...
The Number that this whole blog revolves around ...

Lucky Number 8.

Okay, so most of us probably have our Lucky Somethings -
whether it's lucky underwear, a lucky charm, lucky prayers,
and the list goes on - to each her own! :)

But it's sure a special mission to go hunting for Lucky Somethings, right? :D
Visit your favourite blogshops and see if you can find things that
you'd like to treasure as your lucky charms!

Your Shopping Kaki will now kick-start your search for you! ;)

First up, Captain Obvious to the rescue! :D
What could be more perfectly suited to be lucky charms than... charm bracelets?
Bracelets a-plenty in the Accessories blogroll on the sidebar - check them out!
These four particularly stood out to me :)

From Rockers Endless Divine RM5 - RM8

I don't actually know how to play the guitar,
but these gorgeous guitar picks sure make me want to learn!
Aren't these designs uber cool?
Get these for yourselves and for your guitar-toting friends!

Maybe I'm stretching the Lucky Something theme a tad far by suggesting ...
Lucky Vests! :D
But hey, you can wear them over tank tops, tees, ruffled formal blouses, and dresses -
so wouldn't vests be a pretty versatile Lucky Something? ;)
Three very different vests above for your taking!

Midnight Carnivale RM50 | Pre-Order Boutique RM33 | Your Personal Stylista RM48

Glitter tank tops and tank dresses!
Horrid for laundry day, but a blessing for clubs and parties. :D
Btw, missing those special offers for YSK readers? ;) For the items reviewed above ...
Midnight Carnivale & Your Personal Stylista: Free Pos Ekspres
Pre-Order Boutique: 10% discount (that's under RM30 for you!)
Password: I'm a YSK reader!

From SuperRolling RM25 | GOSS:PS RM69 | The e-Beautique RM30

"The word nerd is inferred, but forget what you've heard, I'm like James Bond the Third!"
Same concept from Mean Girls applies to lovely little cardigans! :D
What would our preppy campus lives be like without warm, cosy cardigans? :)
Let your favourite one be your Lucky Cardi!

Word on the psychobabble grapevine is that what you wear affects how you feel, right? :D
So, just wear bright, happy, rainbow-married-sunshine-and-gave-birth-to-giggles dresses -
and you know what? Lady Luck will totally be on your side!

From Sweet Toothsome RM23 | From Vain Pot RM48 | RM42

I strongly believe nothing makes most young girls more afraid than:
1) First dates
2) Class presentations :D
So, stock up on lucky Date Dresses (like the two lovely, feminine ones on the left)
and stylish, polished tops like the one on the right -
because pull a crisp blazer over that, and you've got a Perfect Ten! :D

My goodness, funny badges are just so... funny!
Lucky badges, anyone? :D
Pin them on your bags, pencil-cases, vests, jackets!
Good luck and a sense of humour come hand-in-hand, after all. ;)

~ Good Luck! ~

Next Week:
“8 Tools For The Shopping Season”

Now, while you’re out shopping for more goodies,
be sure to equip yourself with the right bargain-hunting “tools”! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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