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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Launched: "Say No" Campaign

The Backout Buyer Phenomenon is coming back with a vengeance - but enough is enough!
Here's hoping this campaign will make life easier for a lot of blogshop owners out there! :)

Copy and paste the code below to add this button to your blog!

Don't be a backout buyer.
Think of the children. Show some consideration for the time and effort the seller's put in.

Just say "No!" ;)

I've been getting a lot of e-mails about what constitutes a "backout buyer". So here are some general rules (there are case-by-case exceptions). You are a backout buyer if ...
1. You reserve items and go "MIA" (i.e. stop replying e-mails) on the seller.
2. You've confirmed you're buying the item, but cancel your order before COD or banking in.
3. You've sent in the Order Form.
4. Do you have anything else to add, or confusing scenarios to share? Leave a comment below!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Unknown said...

fully support your idea! brilliant poster!

Anonymous said...


Great campaign! I've added the link to my e-shop.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Tagboard comments :)

Twinkle Collection: "Hi Sha-lene, I love your campaign!! I think its a really good idea"

ZianaPreloves: "YSK! i've linbk ur campaign in my blog to!!"

My Fashion Mansion "I support your YSK no backout campaign YSK! Have placed the link on my blog"

Your Shopping Kaki said...

More feedback! :)

MinorLavender: "hi thr. cute campaign =) heheheee"

Miss Shopaholic's Closet: "Btw, love your say no to backout buyers campaign!! haha
hope it will make a difference!!"

Blogshops spotted with the No Backout button:
- Pretty Clothes To Go
- My Dressing Barn

Are there more of you out there? :) Do leave a comment!

Summeracres said...

Yes there is! Hehe =)

I've pasted your No Backout button in my website ;)

Fash In Motion said...

Hi Sha,

Had just encoutered a backout buyer.

Fully support this effort =)

Stylo Mylo said...

Had linked the campaign to my blog.
Hope it makes a difference.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Thanks for the support, everyone! :)

More feedback from the chatbox:

PesonaGadis "ello dear, i paste the say no to back-outs buyer...***cheers**"

sweet toothsome "yay!!! let's all say NO to backout buyers..!! =) its rreally very disappointing"

Your Shopping Kaki said...

More chatbox feedback:

ur-one-stop boutique: "hye.love ur campaign! already paste it :)"

Buttons & Bows "it's really gd to have such campaign! Already paste da button on our blogshop! keep it up! :)"

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Another two awesome blogs spotted with the campaign button:

- SeriouslySerious.com
- J's Fashion Diary

Ms Nur Mizly said...

i do support the campaign too.
Backouts buyer totally no-heart-with-no-manner. we gave them special discounts after they begging us to reduce prices. BUT! they're leaving like a wind. Can't track! Even text some msg, call and email. Huh!~ i'm such kind-hearted ar? *GREAT CAMPAIGN -two thumbs up-*

Your Shopping Kaki said...

More chatbox feedback (26th July):

preorder boutique: "hey linked your campaign:)"

1DRESSAHOLIC "Hi,already paste ur campaign code :)"

Your Shopping Kaki said...

More feedback from chatbox:

ASE: "Hi Sha-Lene... Totally support your campaign !!! :) Great idea... Have already linked your banner... Keep up the good work :)"

Your Shopping Kaki said...

More feedback:
Percy Lady's Closet: "fully support ur campaign~ linked ya banner (="

Also many thanks to My Sale Hunter and Shopping Roll for plugging YSK's first official campaign! :)

Your Shopping Kaki said...

No Backout Button spotted on

Courtesy of Isaac and Marie for their support! :)

Beautilicious09 said...

I strongly support to this YSK Campaign, you're telling our heart as a blogshop. Many buyer placed their order then just blackout...

I love you, NOT said...

I posted your campaign's pic on my blog too!! :) Support ya!!

Beautlicious09 said...

Really tell about blogshop heart *Thumb Up* I linked ya. Thanks ya ^^

.dar. said...

totally support to this campaign! i've added the link to my blogshop! =D

MODELLO said...

i've linked ur banner its totally a good idea...salute!!!

Anonymous said...

added on my blog too

Honeylemon said...

added to my blog too. :)


SheriShopie have put up the banner too! We've encountered a couple of back out customers lately, very annoying!

What's Your Flavor? said...

Yes !
This campaign is awesome.
we fully support as the backouts issues is getting worst.

misShopper said...

100% support the campaign. I've linked it to my blog!!!!

eightDesigns said...

really love this campaign. eightDesigns supports too!

nunnee closet said...


The Perfumes House said...

i've added to my blog too.100% support u!

P.E.R.F.U.M.E RACK said...

Just added at my:



chenta myleena said...

hye! link me http://akupenchentashawls.blogspot.com/
ur banner at my blog now.... :)

IT'S Me N.a.N.a said...

say no to backout buyer!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest 1 more thing in the footnotes

You are a backout buyer if you :-

Ask for certain item's availability but you actually has no intention in buying it !!!!

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm going to have to disagree with you there - those are called enquiries! :P

As for those who act like they are going to buy it but just go MIA, sometimes they are called "joybidders". :)

Bisikbisik Perfume said...

i totally agree with this. definitely will copy this link into my blog.

last week,
I had one guy enquire about a perfume, and i told him i could post it to him on the next day. He said he didnt believe such things and wanted COD. When i told him we dont do COD, He insisted that he wanted to come to my place and pick it up himself.I explained to him that its quite the norm to do business by post these days as blogshops are all the rage.

I told that its up to him, im not forcing him to buy anything from me.I didnt take a single cent from him. Still not satisfied, he kept asking me for my address. Theres no way i would give such a creepy individual my address. Most blogshop owners like myself are girls and i dont want to put myself and my family in danger,
by having creeps like this guy coming around to where i live.

He kept ranting on and even said he would report me to the police. For what? I didnt take his money. I didnt do anything to him. He said all businesses must have
a business premise address. I told him to check out all the millions of blogshops on the net like ours are even coming out in reviews in papers like The Star and NST. The police wont do anything to us, unless we cheat our customers.
And i dont cheat people!! I want to have a sustainable business with return customers.
How long would i last if i cheated? This idiot got pissed for nothing and threated to put down my business by spamming people not to buy from me. I have plenty of happy customers. And many come back to buy more from me.

The only people i give my address to is my "actual customers"
so if anything went wrong. I'll never give my address to "fakers" like him.

Girls, beware of people like this, you never know what they can do to you.

Keep Safe.


Fieyka Collection said...

YSK..great campaign!! Already link it to my blogshop..

SiKecikComel™ said...

Already link this campaign to my blog:

Mak Ammar said...

Really great and brilliantz idea! Already add the button to my blogshop http://manjakuhappy.blogspot.com

Deedeeliciousness Boutique said...

Hi Sha-Lene!

i'm facing the same problem too..been entertained their Q&A, inquiries, after ordered, reserved from the supplier, suddenly they MIA and promised to call back on the dateline of payment.

Eventho they already submitting the ORDER FORM, and agreed of the T&C, they seems to ignored it.


To all seller, i wish you all the best and appreciate ur patient facing 1001 problems in this business!


L(squared) said...

Haih, just had a back-out buyer today. And they reserved the item for a really long time, too! Resulting to more people who are actually serious about buying it to be declined. :(

They don't get what 'serious buyers only' mean. ^^;;

Great campaign. Hope they will understand! Haha

Anonymous said...


Dang! I got lots of back out buyers myself. Sigh. Enough with the false hope lol.

Who would've thought that men only does those things?

LOL. Put up the banner in my blog already..'www.paperbuds.blogspot.com' Hope it'll do some good.

Thanks YSK!

PinkPotCactus said...

I'm new in this business and I've already had my fair share of backout buyers. They give false hope and make me sad =(

I've put your banner in my site, thank you YSK =)

Anonymous said...

hey, linked ur campaign to my blog. super brilliant idea. what about those ppl who actually email u back n forth and then go mia?

Miss Pepper said...

added ur banner, just encountered with MIA buyer :(

good job sha-lene :)

Miss Pepper @ http://pepper-love.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

Huh, i have 1 also, she asked everything and I even entertained her very well. When i asked for confirmation, she says yes for twice and she even promised to transfer / bank in the money the next day. And today, she went M.I.A. Such an idiot. I don't mind if my customers ask me bout my products. But i hate when they said "yes, i would buy, tomorrow i bank in the money. pls don't sell to others." - And suddenly went missing. Stupid! :(

Unknown said...

Oh ya, I nearly forget - I put a link and your banner in my blog. http://annenazir.blogspot.com

Thanks for brilliant campaign.

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Chaos In Me, thanks for sharing! :) The customer you described is actually a very, very common type of backout buyer!

And that customer type is commonly known to come back a few weeks later and ask, "Where's my item? Why did you sell it to someone else? I *told* you I wanted it!"

I've received a few emails from sellers asking what to do in that situation, so here's what I always advise:

Just let the customer know that your blogshop has strict reservation policies (if you don't have them, do draw them up asap!) and if you don't hear from the person in x amount of time, the item is immediately released to the public again. :)

siti said...

great campaign...

I already posted your campaign's pic on my blog too!! :)

Mentari Diaz said...

Hi dear..Great campaign!

Oredi link u to my blog...and i paste ur campaign button too. TQVM

Kristal Borong said...

Hi dear...

Great Campaign...i like it!

Oredi link u to by blog...and i paste ur campaign button too. TQVM

chantek2u said...


Just added at my:


Kita Chantek said...

hi...great campaign. Good job!
Thank u very much

just added yr banner at http://kitachantek.blogspot.com

MEL said...

Had 3 back out buyers for this week!
They called me and msg me like .... asking for my acc no even tho i've sent them thru emails..
Support ur campaign!

cherrygoround said...

How nice to know that we are not alone. I mean, not NICE per se, but relieving.

We love this campaign.

What do you guys think of slowly changing our online shoppin culture to accept internet payment as the norm. meaning, they MUST pay online. so even if it's cod, payment has been made.
we really would love that.

KYS Boutique said...

good idea...
good job,
it's great campaign.
just added yr banner at http://sarah-shawl.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

hye,very great idea. i do have my own blog shop previously until i was so busy and i end up closing my blogshop. eventually, now days i like to shop online..

but latest sad thing happen to me is the seller went missing after i have made the payment.. even after i text and emailed her so many times... until after 3 weeks later AFTER I HAVE MADE THE PAYMENT AND STILL SHE HAVE NOT POST/SEND the item, AGAIN...i emailed threaten her to report to police(coz i can't tolerate with her anymore). later on then she replied my email without saying sorry and she said she will post the item tomorrow. but when the item finally reach my house, the color is not same as we dill before and even the size! i'm so fed up with her and i don't even bother to email and tell her about it anymore. with this type of people, it will ruin the reputation of online shopping blogger,.i'm still recovering from trusting any other shopping online blog....
so? who's going to help WE THE BUYERS who get CHEATED by some of the ONLINE SHOPPING BLOGGER?

-sad customer-

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Sad Customer :)

Oh no, it appears you encountered a con artist or online shopping scam :( I'm very sorry to hear that!

There are many good online sellers out there, but it is a pity that a few bad apples ruin the whole basket and reputation of the online shopping community. Please let us know which blogshop this is so that we are aware, thank you! :)

Triple A Boutique said...

Great campaign..
We supported 100%..
Good job!

just added yr banner at http://tripleaboutique.blogspot.com

Ujie Valo said...

like this campaign ..
added at my blogshop

Prysmatic Closet said...

hai...great campaign.
We love this campaign.

just added your banner at http://prysmaticloset.blogspot.com

rien said...

just add yuor banner too

wholesale sunglasses said...

Twinkle Collection: "Hi Sha-lene, I love your campaign!! I think its a really good idea"

Ummu Ibtisam said...

Saya guna banner ni ye. Terima kasih! Setiap pembeli patut menghargai usaha penjual, lebih-lebih lagi WAHM (work at home mom) seperti saya.

by nur said...

its great idea......but i got more customer that worst than u all,hope u read my blog the tip to solve back out buyer
this is secret to successful

more reserved more customer ask

read more
in my blog

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi pink petite couture :)

Thank you for your input. I definitely agree with the general point in your blog post! In fact, we at Your Shopping Kaki has never advocated to blacklist buyers or reveal their details if a deal falls through.

I think you may have missed the point of our campaign, but allow me to make our stand clear. :) The "Say NO to Backout Buyers campaign" is calling to online shoppers to say NO to being backout buyers, or at least try their best to. It means thinking it through before making a purchase, and being considerate of the seller's time and effort. It is not a hard and fast rule, but that shouldn't stop us from trying to make the online shopping community in Malaysia a happier place. :)

I hope that clarifies things for you! :)

DingDong8 said...

We love this campaign so much, thank youuuu YSK. :)

there are quite a number of back-out buyers, and we don't know why, they just can't reply the mail, and we have no idea whether we should reserve the items for them, kinda sad, cz we have quite a number of customers saying we have good service, and we are really very happy with that, so we don't want our reputation being spoiled when those back-out buyers complaining that the items they've reserve are out-of-stock, or something, > <

anyway, love our nice buyers and you guys, happy shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi YSK..
I have experienced this. Many times.
Request emailed then we gave them invoice. Then gone! Mmm we still young but I do know much about this kind of buyers. :)
Also have add the banner to mine blogshop..

dream's fairy said...

like this campaign (^_^) dream's fairy shop support this campaign..

added at my blogshop www.littledreamsfairy.blogspot.com

thanks and follow my blog k..tqvm

Spend It Cheap said...

When someone writes on your chatbox requesting for something to be reserved, and will email you later (but of course, MIA).

DISAPPOINTMENTS! </3 At least email to let us know that you don't want it? :(

Pantyhose said...

Thank you to tell us so much useful information. So nice sharing. I’m glad to read it.

Gloria said...

YSK, i agree with this but as a BUYER, i have to say that some sellers are a little too fussy or ridiculous as well. I rather not disclose any names but in June, I wanted to buy a dress for my trip to Aus, so I contacted a blogshop about a dress I wanted and asked a few questions, i told them it was urgent so reply asap, i waited a day, 2 days, 3 days. 4 days, and eventually a week passed, i gave up, i went to Pavi and bought a dress there. The blogshop finally replied my questions and i replied late due to the fact i was busy, and when i replied saying i wasnt interested, the seller called me a back out buyer. WTF. I as a consumer have the rights to ask, and he/she as the seller should hold up to the responsibility of REPLYING A.S.A.P. Just sayin' so it goes both ways.
Good day! :) no hard feelings i still >3 ur blog

Effa's Boutique said...

support your campaign!

S&M Little Footwear said...

100% support this campaign.Feel free to visit my blogshop @"S&M Little Footwear"

PwettyPearl said...

support your campaign =)

PwettyPearl said...

support your campaign =)

PwettyPearl said...

support your campaign =)

PwettyPearl said...

support your campaign =)

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