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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Advertorial: Look out! Notorious numbers coming your way!

If you don't know Ladies Fashion, you can't call yourself a shopaholic! :P

Where else can you find brand new, fashionable pieces going as low as RM10?
And the variety of stocks they've got?

Now keep reading, because somewhere in this advertorial,
YSK readers are going to enjoy an awesome promo! ;)
As though their notoriously affordable prices aren't enough, right? ;D

Q&A with Kate
Co-owner of Ladies Fashion

  • YSK: Why "Ladies Fashion"? What's the reason behind the name?
  • Kate: The name of Ladies Fashion is simply because of directly emphasising that our products are mainly for female which including ladies apparel, accessories and et cetera. Besides that, the idea behind of using this name is to let our customers to be more easily to remember.
  • YSK: Who are the people behind LF? Tell us about yourselves!
  • Kate: I'm the author who in charge of replying all the emails from the customers. Kurt is the photographer as well as the one who in charge of providing COD at Monash.
  • YSK: What's your most memorable experience in running LF?
  • Kate: The most memorable thing that happened for me was on 21st March 09 Bazaar Day. Although that day was my birthday, but we still had to participate on bazaar day since the money had paid to the organiser. Therefore, I was expecting to have an uncomplicated birthday celebration for this year. Speaking of which, Kurt left for two hours as he told me he needs to go Sunway Pyramid to collect the birthday cake, and bring it back home in order to store in the fridge. About an hour later, I was happy and shocked that his hands were holding a bunch of flowers which surprised me and it touched my heart. Thanks Kurt!
  • YSK: Aww, that's just the sweetest thing! Tell us more about your wholesale service. :) Word on the grapevine is that LF is a supplier?
  • Kate: Ladies Fashion is a registered online trading company, Ladies Fashion Trading. Moreover, the stocks are ordered from several countries where mainly from Hong Kong. We hope to sell more in quantity so that the price we set can be lower. Besides that, if anyone wants to take a bunch of stocks for resell please do not hesitate to email me. It is privacy for us, we respect for those resellers and some words need to be discussed in email. Only serious resellers get to know the price, and the quantity purchased must be bought at least in certain amount.
  • YSK: So LF is an e-shop, not a supplier. :) With thousands of blogshops out there today, what do you think gives LF that advantage and success?
  • Kate: We are selling numerous varieties of clothing with reasonable prices so that we hope our customers are able to do purchases within their budgets. Simultaneously, many different styles of pretty apparels are available with good quality. I am a shopaholic too and I would love to own dissimilar styles that suit my taste.
  • YSK: What's your favourite item that you've ever sold on LF?
  • Kate: I really love this top (pictured below), because the material is comfortable, the cutting on every part is superb. I love those loose type cardigan. And sure all the kimono in my blog is my favourite pcs also~~

Heeee I see so many nice things for incredible prices!

And hey, you know those menus where they have a thumbs-up or some sort of star or smileyface next to certain dishes? The chef's recommendations, etc? :D

With the same concept in mind, we bring you ...
Recommended Products
Courtesy of Ladies Fashion.
Click on the picture to go directly to the item!

Halter maxi dress RM45

A very affordable price for a maxi dress, whether online or offline! :)
Dutifully striking and body-hugging - bring sexy back with this bareback dress! :D

Floral maxi dress RM45

Personally, this is my kinda maxi! :)
Any girl who loves florals and pretty colours will race with herself to agree.
Light, airy, fairy-like - perfect for buffets, too. :D

Animal print blouse RM34

Haven't you heard?
Animal prints are touted to be the next It print! :)
Spotted on Tinseltowners and fashionistas alike -
and this lovely piece holds that perfect balance between fierce and feminine.

Off-shoulder tunic RM33

How sweet is this minidress/tunic? :)
As always, available in plenty more colours.
Very girly, without being OTT.
A humble sort of stylishness!

Checkered girlfriend shirt RM35

Now that you've probably got enough boyfriend shirts for
your boyfriend to confuse his wardrobe with yours...
Time to stock up on the more feminine version: Girlfriend shirts!
Complete with that all-essential waist-defining sash.
(Something your boyfriend would never be caught wearing.)

Bathrobe Cardigan RM32

It's not actually a bathrobe, heee. But I bet it's as comfy as one!
Short sleeves so that you don't melt in Malaysian weather...
A mighty thin sash to define that waist...
And don't you love how relaxed and yet figure-flattering it looks? :)

Polka Dotted Minidress RM45

Aiyeee! So cute!
Sweetheart neckline - check.
Peplum skirt - check.
Free waist cincher - check.
Cute factor - check, check, check!

Draped cardigan RM40

Something for the working lady! :D
Check out those asymmetrical hemlines, nailing the trend of long-in-front, short-in-back!
Modest, not too flashy, would be great to wear over something really outrageous too. ;)

Halter bustier top RM14 (2 for RM26)

Here's one of their many, many insanely affordable pieces!
Comes in a whole palette of colours as well.
Simple and casual, great to pull over a denim skirt or jeans.

Outrageous bangles RM19 | RM40

You didn't think Ladies Fashion only sold clothes, did you? :D
Enjoy a variety of rockin' bangles, cinchers, leggings, bags, and much more!
You just cannot not visit this blogshop!

But wait...
Are you thinking, "Things that are that cheap can't be that good?"
Well, here's some customer feedback to prove you wrong! :D

"Being a shopaholic myself, online shopping is my currently my latest addiction as I find it more convenient and time-saving compared to spending hours walking around the malls until my feet sore. I have been shopping online since last year and to date, have dealt with a lot of blogshops and e-seller before. Should anyone asked who is my favourite online e-seller or blogshop of all, I’ll never hesitated to answer them without doubt – Ladies Fashion :) Not only the clothes are affordable and of good quality, I must compliment the lady owner – Kate for her excellent customer services and efficient delivery services, as she never failed to impress me on every single purchase. She is patient and considerate to my queries and needs no matter how busy she is, dealing with her online business and personal life as well :) For this, she deserved my respect. We’ve even become good online buddies nowadays and we could talk on almost any topics! ^^ I’m indeed glad to have known her, and thanks to her for giving me the best online shopping experience ever =)" -Allysa
Allysa, wearing an electric blue halter top from Ladies Fashion

"Sure I'd be honored to give your products a review! =0) *blush* First, anyone who knows me knows I have a unique sense of fashion and style and enjoy dressing up every day but not by buying all name brand fashion and paying name brand prices...So I shop sales and clearance items everywhere I go / on the internet as well... I saw scarf dresses and kimono shirts when I traveled and LOVED the style as it was unique...then they came into style but after searching I never saw ones that I really loved... so I searched the internet in hopes I would find ones that I liked and despite a long search I came across your website and the clothes were beautiful and unique...found the dress AND shirt (kimono)! Then in correspondence you were very personable and kind =0) The prices were affordable and well worth it! I have girlfriends that want to buy from you now as well! Thanks!!! *hugs*" -Rebecca Brown

Rebecca (far left) in a satin dress from Ladies Fashion

"It has been a splendid experience dealing with Ladies Fashion. Bought clothes from her twice actually. Both transaction involves a large quantity where the second order was way out of my expectation (total sum was in hundreds). Well, I was not the only one who was stuck in the same blog for hours and hours. I told some of my friends and they started to get crazy as well when they saw the clothes AND THE PRICE. So, we decided to order together. During the process of confirming the orders, owner of Ladies Fashion (Kate) was very patient with me where I had to confirm the order of clothes over and over again to check on the avaibillity and getting back on my friends since I was the gathering all the order and dealing with Kate. Me and my friends were hoping for more discount since we are still students =D I managed to get a lil discount from Kate for the postage of the first order only. For the second order, Ladies Fashion was giving away scarf dress as free gift with purchase of RM350 above. Me and my friends would prefer discounts more than the clothes anyway because the dress cant be torn to be divided equally among us all. After much negotiation, Kate agreed to give more of the scarf dress to us. Since I was unsucessful in my persuasion due to some reason given by Kate, I accepted the offer. It was still better than nothing. Anyway, the quality of the clothes are pretty good. Me and my friends are satisfied with the material quality of the clothes for such price. In short, they are pretty and cheap =D So, congrats to Ladies Fashion for the excellence in customer service. Keep it on =)" -Brenda

Brenda, wearing one of Ladies Fashion's popular colourblock dresses

So, there you have it. :D
The blogshop with the cheapest prices around!

Visit Ladies Fashion today for gorgeous clothes & accessories -
and more customer feedback, contests, and addictive shopping!
Last but not least... the promotion you've been waiting for! ;)

~ Exclusively for YSK readers ~
Promo 1: Purchase over RM50 and enjoy a 5% rebate!
Promo 2: Buy 6 pairs of shorts for only RM60! *Click here*

Password: "I Love YSK"
Promo expires: 5 August 2009 (so, hurry!)

*Click here to visit Ladies Fashion now!*

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

1 comment:

LadiesFashion said...

Thanks YSK
you did a very good advertisement for my blog^^
Love you~~

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