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Thursday, March 10, 2016

GUESS what? Something is going fashionably functional

by Cynthia Lee

Say Hi to the new GUESS Connect Smartwatch!

The Outlook and Design
Overall, the Guess Connect design which was an extension of the GUESS Rigor needs no introduction. Set on a non-techy design, the Guess Connect smartwatch boast a dash of elegance with the rose gold trimming. I personally find this a perfect combo. Rose gold is the new black. match it with any colors and it immediately brings out the exquisiteness of the product, be it watches, phone, jewelleries to name some categories.
The silicon strap is the material to go for now. Easy to clean and need no visit to the watch shop to adjust any metal clasp to fit your wrist of different sizes. There are some misconception that silicon straps will turn out to be sticky after some period of wearing, which I feel is not true. I have 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 watches with silicon straps and I am loving them much! It doesn't stick nor smell when you sweat. And compared to leather or PU leather that tends to crease after a long period of wearing, you won't have that with the silicon straps.

The original GUESS Rigor without the 'smart' addition

The GUESS Connect Smartwatch comes in 2 sizes ; 41mm and 45mm. Both sizes are suitable for unisex wearer, although girls may find the 45mm one to be abit too big if they have a small wrist. It's really up to the individual.

How Smart is Smart?
I guess it is very subjective. If your watch can do anything extra apart from telling time, then it should be smart enough compared to the conventional watches right?
The Guess Smartwatch is not your Fitbit or Garmin Vivos to be exact. It doesn't monitor your heartbeat and store any datas on how much you have brisk walked for the day.
It's not your regular gadgety Samsung Gear or Apple watches too with 1001 features and functions to explore.
It is basically a very smart looking watch with smart and convenient functions to cater to your basic tech needs.

Power On!
To get started, you need to install the GUESS Connect apps in you smartphone. Works best with iOS 8.1, Android 4.3. and above.It works with your Bluetooth connection switched on from your phone. 

What Can You Do With It?
Personally I am not a very tech savvy person. I did not manage to explore all the possibilities with it. But here's some of the features that is worth sharing.

Call and Voice Command
You can choose to answer and make calls via voice command if your hands are not free to navigate your phone. The watch comes with noise cancelling microphone that will 'shut off' noise surrounding you when you speak so the other end can hear clearly. However, I do notice that the speaker is slightly soft. Hence when you do receive call over the watch, you may want to make sure your surrounding is not too noisy.

Just like the Star Trek wrist communicator ;)

Though this is pretty much a feature expected in smartwatches, it may not be a fully utilised function as speaking over the watch may not be feasible, for example when you are driving and your hands are busy manoeuvring the steering, hence it may be difficult for you to hear clearly. Generally, most of us do not wish to have our conversation blasted out to be shared by the crowd around you anyway, not especially when your mum called to ask you to get home and buy some sanitary pad on your way  =P

Activity Notification
You won't be able to get to send a text or whatsapp messages via the small OLED display, but these activity notification is prompted out on the watch.

Reminder Setting
Voice command can also be used to set reminders and these reminders can be set with vibration alert.

Camera Control (the favourite function of 'em all!)
It works great as a selfie remote. Why bring a selfie stick when you can just press a button form your GUESS Connect Smartwatch to snap a wefie from far.

I love this function especially when no one is willing to hold the camera! Notice how I am holding on to the watch? 'Cus we are about to snap another picture again!

Here's  a pretty good review about the watch : KLGadgetTV

I am trying out the 41mm dial face one with embellishment and white strap. I must say the design is enticing to the eyes. Despite the watch not having a full smart function like those you get from Samsung or Apple, I actually do not mind getting it for the sake of the design. The smartness is an add-on to this dashing piece of timepiece, which I can turn on and off whenever I need to. Unlike a pure smartwatch whereby you need to have it consistently connected to your phone to fully utilise the functions.
With the GUESS Connect Smartwatch, you have a very stylish watch, that comes equipped with just the right amount of smartness. Not too much till you are dependant on it, but just smarter than the conventional watches ;)

The GUESS Smartwatch is retailing at RM1499.
It comes with a 12 months warranty.
If you are not that tech savvy, but still wanted something fancy in the form of a fashionable smartwatch then this could be it.

The GUESS Connect Smartwatch is available in these 4 colors and in 41mm and 45mm dial face

You can step into any of the below stores to have a feel of the watch which were launched and made available since December 2015.

Guess Store Pavillion / KLCC / Sunway Pyramid / Mid Valley
Watchshoppe Mid valley
Hang Thai Bangsar Shopping Centre
Watch Engine Avenue K

Happy Shopping!
By Cynthia Lee
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


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Fashion Boutique said...

I am so cheerful to read this post. these wrist watches are so beautiful and most wanted brand. Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting post.

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I am so cheerful to read this post. these wrist watches are so beautiful and most wanted brand. thanks a lot for sharing this interesting post.

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