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Monday, February 15, 2016

Cutting Inches With London Weight Management's Body Trim Fluid

by Christine Wong

London Weight Management has been the most sought after slimming solution among women who are troubled with weight problems. Since it's establishment in 2000, London Weight Management has worked its way into the heart of Malaysian women and hence bagging the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Brand in the Beauty and Slimming Centre Category.

London Weight Management Slimming Treatments are formulated by renowned slimming professionals with no involvement of any surgeries or injections where its treatments are guaranteed safe with the engagement of the latest slimming technology breakthrough.

Struggling with weight issues for most of my life, my 2016 resolution is to lose weight and to look good in that Levi's jeans that I've been eyeing on. Putting thoughts to action, I've accepted the challenge to give myself some hope to shed some inches before Chinese New Year.

I was introduced to London Weight Management's Best selling item, the Body Trim Fluid that has proven to be a hot favourite among women who are struggling to lose inches at specific areas of their body. This 12 hour fat burning slimming cream works wonders as you perform your daily activities after application. The slimming formula breaks fatty deposits that are stubbornly attached to your thighs, tummy and arms. According to the beauty advisor, the product aids to gets rid of the flabbiness and tones your body. Besides, the Body Trim Fluid also recharges metabolism, reduces the appearance of cellulite, leaving you not only with a firm and toned figure but with softer and smoother skin too. And we shall see if it's so!

 The Body Trim Fluid is perfect for :
  • Ladies who want a multi-purpose product with 12 hour fat burning benefit.
  • Those who need help with toning and trimming at stubborn fat areas
  • Ladies who want to reduce cellulite on their thighs and hips
  • Ladies who want a contoured, toned body
Since I'm planning to look good in the jeans, I can't help but to put to action of applying the cream to my thighs first.

The cream's texture is creamy, odourless and surprisingly non sticky when applied. Following the instructions, the cream is to be applied twice a day for best result. First thing after bath in the morning and just before sleep every night where in each application, I use about the size of a 50 cents for each thigh by massaging in circular motion on the sides, front and back of my thigh.
Like any other slimming cream, I can feel the heat on the area applied and slight redness is visible. I guess it is starting to work!
I've accidentally left the cream on without washing my hands on the first try and it felt like my hands were literally burning the away. Do make sure you wash your hand properly after application.

I'm continuously feeling the warmth throughout the day indoor or outdoor, 8am to 8pm. (Yup, that's my after bath and working hours, that's why I'm so sure that it lasts 12 hours ) After applying at night, the cream continue to work its magic during sleep as I do feel the warmth just before falling asleep.

A week in action, I can see and feel minimal changes every day. Imagine my happiness on measurement day. With less cellulite in sight, my thighs has become smoother and shrank by 1 inch plus. Best part, I didn't start any diet regime since I'm testing all the CNY cookies that I can get my hands on. Well, I'm much more confident that with consistent and diligent use, looking good in that pair of Levi jeans would soon come true, especially for this Chinese New Year =D

Visit https://www.londonweight.com.my or click HERE for more information about London Weight Management and good news for Your Shopping Kaki readers, London Weight Management is offering ONE free slimming treatment by calling their hotline 03-2614 1234 and quote "blogger" to redeem or click the following link:

For Best Results:
Follow a recommended balanced diet and London Weight Management program.
London Weight Management guarantees up to 3kg or 8-22cm loss* in the first slimming session.

To Visit Their Facebook, click HERE or copy this url : http://facebook.com/londonweightmy

Visited the centre with Cynthia to collect my product :)

*Results may vary. Please consult a London Weight Management expert for more information.

Happy Shopping !
Your Shopping Kaki :)


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