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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ice Ice Baby!

by Cynthia Lee

I have always love the sights of a watch on the wrist. For many years I have been wearing an old Solvil Titus till it dies 6 years back. Since then I went without a watch. Simply because I am too stingy to buy one.
I forgot how I stumbled into this brand but I would say that in my whole life, this is most probably the first time I got overdosed over watches :S

Not knowing why are they called 'Ice' in the first place, you would most probably heard about Ice Watch by now. You can locate their shops in major shopping malls and from time to time they tend to come out with heart-bombing discounts up to 70%!

I have about 6 of them from a few collection throughout the years.
If you are not aware, Ice Watch have been around the Malaysia market for awhile but there wasn't too much hype about it till the recent years. 

I don't exactly have any historical background of the brand, but I do manage to get some info via this website - Origination of Ice Watch

I love the fact that their main attraction is the colors used for the silicone strap. Most of the watches here utilises silicon based straps while there are also those in funky looking denim and shell-like finishing. Personally I quite like the fact that watches now comes in silicone strap. Saves you the hassle of maintaining it like that of a leather based one.  

Here's some (not all!) of my personal collection that I have been buying for the past 2 years =D

Ice Watch Ice Style Collection 
This come as Unisex or in Big size, with the unisex one bearing a 38mm face and 42mm for the big one. The rose gold trimming adds a luxury feel to this silicone strap piece. I love the unconventional colors! Most of us would cringe at the thought of having a purple watch. Simply because it will be impossible to match it with your attire. My say? Be bold! Make a statement with the contrast :) 

alt="Ice watch Ice style watches" />
Ice Watch Ice Style Collection retails at RM699

I actually loathe this series that I actually have 2 and intending to get another in purple and black and white. Opps!
alt="Ice Watch Ice Style" />
My green piece matched with a rose gold crescent necklace from Lovisa

The Oxford blue piece to match my preserved orchid pendant

When the Glam Pastel collection were out, I simply cannot resist seeing pastel strap. Here's a picture of the collection, if you didn't know.

Glam or not the pastel series? =D
Retails at RM379

Such pretty pastel and yet it exudes that hint of subtle glam feel, without being too cute to wear. And of course, temptation cannot be resisted. I just had to get my fave one in turquoise! Another awesome feature of the Ice Glam pastel series is that this also comes with a rose gold trimming on the face of the watch. Glam glam!

They call this Aqua though, not turquoise, but whatever it is, I love it!

The Ice Glam pastel series is actually a later series. I first started to get hooked onto these silicone strap beauties when I was invited by the brand for a re-launch and there were some corporate discount offered to guest for the day. That's when I got home with not just one but two of the brightest and boldest strap that I cannot take my eyes of - in yellow and purple ;)
The Ice Collection (that's what they call it) comprises of an entire colorful collection of with bold colors. From the basic white to leaf green, these silicone strapped beauties works great on a casual day out. Simply lits up your wardrobe!

Ice Watch Ice Collection retails at RM339

One of my very first Ice Collection in purple strap for those casual days out

Ice Collection in Yellow for that bright sunny day!

Last but not least, when you cannot afford a BMW as your dream car, then own a watch!
The BMW Ice Watch Chronosport series is a limited edition collection under Ice Watch. Available in White or Navy as the main color of the watch, this is a pretty handsome piece of thing I must say. 
I got myself a pair in Large size of 42mm dial face. It makes a great gift to your boyfriend too. Just make sure you get it ina bigger dial face, the 48mmm one. The collection comes in a few assortment of size with and without the chronosport features. Retails from RM479 up to RM800 depending on size. 

The BMW Ice Chronosport in Navy Blue for the sportive one :)

If you have been thronging the malls over the weekend, I am sure you would have come across the Ice Watch store. Normally a very small-sized store, they have friendly staff to assit you and explain to you on the latest offering by Ice Watch. Also remember to ask if there's any sales going on because sometimes discounts is really really tempting!

So which is your favourite Ice Watch of all? 

Check out the International Faceboook page here :

Check out the Ice Watch website here :

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee

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