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Friday, December 12, 2014

Garden-ful of Dreams

by Cynthia Lee

I am not sure if there are many of us who knows the actual definition of a dream catcher and where does it originates from. Here's what I managed to google ;

Dream catchers are intended to aid and protect those sleeping below by filtering their dreams. Symbolically the dream catcher allows good dreams to pass through the web and drift down to the sleeper, while bad dreams are said to become hopelessly entangled in the web, where they perish at the first light of dawn. By hanging a dream catcher above your bed, you signal to a deeper part of yourself that you want to remember those dreams that are of use to you. The dream world is a doorway to the subconscious - the inner workings of your life that you are not always aware of. By listening to your dreams you can learn more about yourself. The feathers symbolise air or the breath of life. 

But as time evolves it has not only serve as an item used traditionally and superficially to 'filter' your dreams. 
For the fashion savvy ones, these dreamcatchers actually can be turned to some very eye-catching piece of jewelries. And of course, symbolically, when you wear a dreamcatcher, it actually symbolises that you are actually 'catching' your dream to bring it to ground and make it a reality. Sounds convincing enough for you to grab one immediately? :)

Today, we are going to peek into this particular garden - Garden of Eva where lots of beautiful dreamcatchers are made of. 

Then you may ask how can you accessorise with these beautiful dreamcatchers

Wear it like a trendy gypsy - as large hoop earrings!

Make it a statement necklace
Picture credit here 

Wear it as a bodychain

This is brilliant! As an anklet.
Picture credit here

Of course, if you are bold enough a dreamcatcher headband is sure to bring out the gypsy in you :)

I got some dreamcatcher from Garden of Eva last couple of week.
They do customise dreamcatcher of your choice, As I do not have any indication of what I have in mind, I always leave it to the artist to churn out something that they think may fit me  - as a blogger, a fashionista or whatever they perceive me as haha!

And here's to add to my collection of accessories! :)

Peacock inspired (left) and tarantula inspired (right)

The peacock concept fits me perfect! As a practitioner of Indian classical dance, I am very drawn to the beautiful peacock feather prints. In the Hindu mythology, the peacock and the feather symbolises goddess Lakshmi and the character she represents - fortune, compassion, kindness and patience.
It is also a very synonim symbol used in many dofferent culture. but from an artistic point of view, what is not to like of this unique peacock feather? And when combined into a dreamcatcher, it makes the combo so much meaningful. I just loved how I managed to see the definition of the accessories which I will wear which I think makes it more meaningful, right? =D

And ladies and gentlemen, this is a tarantula! Haha!

I think this is brilliant! How can anyone be inspired from this hairy creepy lil creature??
And the Garden of Eva just did!
It turned out to be a beautiful semi-beaded piece in the colors of a tarantula - black and orange. 

Lovely to be used as an earring

Look at the contrasting colors!

A times I tie it to my bag as a bag-chain too ;)

With price from RM50 onwards, you can get yourself a customised dreamcatcher to suit your preference. Add the glitter of beads for that lil' specks of shine to your dreamcatcher. Let the artist know your color preferences or if you have anything in mind that you want to incorporate in.

Inspired from the Tottenham Hotspur footbal team color. Brilliant!

These dreamcatcher makes perfect gifts if you are looking to gift something for someone who is moving in to a new house - get it done in a bigger size so they can hang it by the window.
It is of course an all time favourite gifts for birthday or any celebration of love to symbolise bigger, better dream for the recipient :)
And if you are like me who loves to accessorise with something meaningful, well get one for yourself!
With the new year coming very soon, I cna find more reason to get a couple of these dreamcatchers to catch the best of all dreams for a better year ahead!

Do catch the latest of designs from Garden of Eva in their Facebook here : GARDEN OF EVA
And you must be glad to hear this - they have giveaway for every quarter of the year!
So, more the reason for you to LIKE their page now!

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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