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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Be Like 'Em

by Cynthia Lee

Does the row of girls  featured below  rings  a bell in your mind?
If you blog-walk alot, you are very likely to know about their glamour presence online.

Cheesie of Cheeserland, Bobo Stephanie, Audrey FoutFeetNine and the rest of other pretty lass could very well be your most read site. And don't we just fancy how they can be forever prim, proper and all-time fashionable only to leave us with much envy?

I personally love Cheeserland's fashion co-ordinates. But of course being a plus size, I can only stare, like the picture in Facebook and perhaps make a note that the next time I spot something similar that I can fit, I must buy! Because Cheesie have worn and styled it and I love that style! =P

note to self : Must buy that caged heels.
Picture credit to Cheeserland

That caged crop top!! Must have!!
Picture credit to Cheeserland

I need this for work too!
Picture credit to Cheeserland

So yeah, Cheesier is my muse!
I love to read her blogpost and of course I love her daily fashion co-ordinates. If only I can get those stuff that she is wearing - though I am confident I can't fit :(
But if you are of her size and have been longing to be in her style, here's a good news for you!
Like the name of the website suggest - Be Like Me! In this case - Be Like Her!

Yes, her collection of stuff are up for sales now! Saves you the hassle to fly to Japan to get some of her imported fashion style. (if only I can fit, argh!)

But of course, this post is not all about Cheesie (just because I love her!) 
This is a post to share you some very important style info =P  To let you know that you are one step closer to your favourite celebrity bloggers - their wardrobe to be exact. 

Be Like Me features both new and preloved fashion apparels and accessories from these fashionista which are up for sales at a pretty good bargain. Whose wardrobe can you expect from Be Like Me?
There's Audrey of FourFeetNine, Bobo Stephanie, Nicolekiss, ChanWon and the list keep expanding :) 

Sales is happening too now!

What can you expect to see in Be Like Me?
 Besides apparels, there's lots of shoes too!

 Need an affordable little black dress for a date night?

Ooh! Spot the pony!!

Visit Be Like Me now and check out what's your favourite style.

Website   |    Facebook

Happy Shopping!
By Cynthia Lee 
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

1 comment:

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