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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Corset Secret.

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

The mother of all women's apparel, the corset has a long history in the ladies wardrobe. Back in the past, a corset is a basic wear that shapes the torso for aesthetic or medical purposes. As it transcended with time, the ability of a corset to give a sensual figure to a woman has made the item a seductive wear for burlesque performers.

Today, you don't need to be an English lady or a burlesque dancer to be able to wear a corset :) Not just only to be worn on its own, it is also a favourite for kebaya wearers who wear the corset as an inner before putting on the semi sheer kebaya piece as an outer layer. The silhouette created by a good piece of corset is what every girls are yearning for!! Regardless of size too!

Welcome to Corset Me where it's all about corsets!

Sha-Lene and I managed to go on a rampage on a previous event organised by Corset Me and Rarablack way back in December 2012 =D There were enough corsets in all sorts of design to drench us in excitement! All our doubts on how to choose a corset that best fits us were answered! Think we have spent an entire afternoon till evening trying on every different designs and lacing and unlacing every piece in search of the perfect piece!

Whoa! How does this work?

There's some leatherish underbust corset, USA soft corset, and the Rock Chic corset

Got a bit too greedy and had on a pretty pinky lace corset worn with the underbust lether buckle up corset. There's even a pinstripe one for that corporate chic look!

Mandarin collared corset which is so unique! Guess a fuller bust  is required to carry this -_-

The black and white halterneck bartender corset is cute! Pink corsets for the Hello Kitty wannabe!

While I have on the pink one layered with the red one, 
I am wondering how would this pinstripe one would look on me!

Jaycee from Corset Me helping to lace up 'em corset! It takes a lot of practice before you can successfully lace up your own! Nevertheless, you should never be demotivated to own a piece of corset due to the challenges of wearing it. You can either ask someone at home - a parent, sibling, friend, boyfriend, etc - to help you lace it up, or you can lace up most of it and just reach around and tighten it yourself. :) It can be done, we've seen women at the event do it - you just need a bit of practice! Watching YouTube video tutorials is helpful too.

Corset is no longer just an inner wear. With the different kind of designs available from Corset Me, choose one best to fit your event. Opt for the cloth type (jersey like) ones if it's for more casual and mid day event where the weather is not to be compromised. I recommend the Union Jack  the Denim Sports Zipper and Nurse Gone Bad which is awesomely cool to be worn with a denim shorts or bodycon skirt.

Alternatively, you can also pair a suitable corset with a proper bottom and attend some glam dinner in it. For this, the Black Brocade Corset set against a silky blue base is perfect when paired with a flare satin skirt and a bling clutch! The Regal Emerald Lace too is pretty in lemon green ;)

Whatever is your style, there is bound to be the PERFECT corset to fit YOU. Both as a silhouette enhancer and an everygreen trend, Corset Me serves a delectable range that is to die for! 

My halter neck corset from Corset Me
From left: paired with Asos Dipped Hem Fitted Skirt, Aishop's Skinny Jeans, Asos Wetlook Peplum Skirt

Available online via Rarablack, these corsets are priced at an average of RM95 each. It comes in sizes despite having a full laced up structure at the back. I got mine in Large, Sha-Lene wears an XL. You may need to buy new ribbons (though it's provided) if the given ones are too small, as sometimes the ribbons run a little short.

Have fun - indulge in a corset, we believe every woman needs at least one! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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