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Monday, March 11, 2013

Monthly Self-inflicted Surprises (Not what you think!)

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Without much introduction needed, I am pretty sure that most of you here have known of the variety of beauty boxes that have been hitting the local online scene. When the now-defunct Fabulous Finds was first introduced, that was most probably the first time ever I have heard about the beauty box concept, of which I was told such marketing tools already existed in other countries. Nevertheless, the ideas of monthly mystery goodies to beautify thyself still excites me!

Here's a brief introduction to some beauty boxes that I have subscribed before, in case there are some of you who still have no idea about these creative services available in the online shopping bay.

1. Fabulous Finds
The very first beauty box ever made known in the local shopping scene and I have all 3 months subscription, till they closed down due to personal reasons. They have some pretty good stuff in the boxes each time which makes receiving the box a joy!

Some of the awesome stuff found in Fabulous Finds Beauty Box 

It's Cosmobox by Box Culture. Hence when you Facebook search for them, search for Box Culture instead of Cosmobox. I think the page for Cosmobox is some old page not used anymore. Maybe the have plans to have variation of boxes in future like MetroBox, UrbanBox and so on hence it's Cosmobox by Box Culture =D

I only managed to purchase a single subscription of Cosmobox because there are so many other new beauty box services mushrooming about the same time and my attention got diverted! I was lucky to be able to purchase a one-month subscription for the X'mas Edition Box at RM33, which could have been a teaser for their launch. The current subscription plan starts from RM99 for 3 months worth of subscription. Yeap, no more one month plan =( Not too sure of the current contents of the box, but the X'mas edition was OK. Nothing too over-exciting and nothing too bad, though I had a higher expectation to a cheery X'mas surprise! To subscribe to this elegant looking box, click here and check out their subscriptin plan: SUBSCRIBE

Debuted in December 2012, Wonderbox is available at RM39.90 for a month subscription ( a month = one box). Alternatively, if you are pretty confident you want to receive the Wonderbox for many more months to come and have no qualms, you can opt for their quarterly (4 months), semi annual (6 months) or annual subscription. Check out their subscription plan here: SUBSCRIBE. You get to earn points if you opt for for a quarterly subscription and above. Good thing is you still get to choose to subscribe on monthly basis, when you feel like you need some self-inflicted surprise to perk up that boring life of yours! =D

Yay!!! Did you notice that full size OPI shatter? =D

The cheapest box of the lot, the Modbox retails at RM19 - not inclusive of  postage (RM9 for Peninsular / RM11 for Sabah / Sarawak). Even after postage fees are  included, it's still the cheapest! =D The packaging for Modbox is slightly smaller than the rest I have gotten so far. But do not underestimate this petite lil box as its power packed with equally great stuff too! Tried the January edition and for RM19 (not inclusive of postage), I must say this is a box worthy of subscription for that monthly squeal of excitement, if there is nothing really exciting in your life. Cheap thrill like that! =P Best thing about Modbox is that once you have tried the beauty sample and think that you would want to invest in the actual product, head on to Modshop where you can immediately purchase those products online! Ahh the convenience of online shopping all in a single portal, how about that? ;)

Yay!! Full sized Kiss Me Eye Liner! Heard that it's a great liner!

Since it's debut box, the Mivva box have consistently spice up their box contents with lots of interesting products that I have never know of. Priced at RM38 for a month subscription, this is pretty much a standard price to pay for, and something I don't mind paying for too, knowing that they have yet to disappoint with their range of products offered. Subscription can be made as a 1/3/6 months choice. To get yourself a box of surprise from Mivva, click here: SUBSCRIBE

These are the kind of 'sample' size that I love getting!

The box that needs no introduction ;) I have also previously blogged about it HERE. One of the 'atas' priced box and originally hail from Singapore. They now have a local team to cater to the growing beauty-holics in Malaysia. In a simple drawer box and seal wrapped, needless to say it exudes what the price would say of the box - 'atas'! =D A monthly subscription fees of RM60 a month, you can also opt for 3/6/12 months worth of subscription to earn points. Click here to subscribe: SUBSCRIBE!

The box that claims to brings you only premium brands in their box. I did not manage to subscribe to this but based on those reviews I read, it does live up to what they claim to deliver - PREMIUM BRANDS! Maybe I will try to subscribe for the coming box and see if it's consistent =D Not too sure of how the subscription works as it does not have any indication to let you sign up for any coming boxes. You can however subscribe to their mailing list to keep informed of any updates. 

Lilac Box debut edition 

Among my league of friends, most probably I am the only one who is enthusiastic in subscribing to these =D But why not!? At a fraction of a price and need not go to the mall, only to find a parking and listen to 26 minutes of convincing talks from la Beauty Assistant and paying RM200 for a bottle of serum only to realise it doesn't suit your skin after all. Of course, there are opinions that one should never pay for samples. But no one ain't going to give me free samples without coaxing me into buying an actual sized product! I guess for me, paying an amount equivalent to the value of a full meal in Kenny Rogers is acceptable. I don't mind the self-created joy to give ownself a lil bit of surprise once a month ;)

So, which is your favourite beauty box? 
Share your thoughts with us!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


ch3ryl said...

ModBox seems like a starter pack, I think I may have a go at it. CosmoBox is tempting, but to commit to 3 months ...

Hweii Chiee said...

My absolute favorite beauty box is from MODBOX. I have tried 5 different beautyboxes and I find that MODBOX gives the best variety and even includes good full-sized products. Lots of cosmetics too, instead of the usual skin care/creams.

Their latest box had 4 full-sized products and a sample!!
And they're the cheapest as well. I would recommend everyone to get MODBOX when giving beautyboxes a try.

2nd best to me would be MIVVA. :D

Stacymariaa said...

I Also Like Beauty Box MODBOX. Its Very Interesting To Read Your Blog Post Keep It Up Go ON. Thanks For The Lovely Sharing

Your Shopping Kaki said...

eh eh! cosmobox got limited edition this month! can just get for a month!


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