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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Contest: Monsters need their accessories too!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

By now I am a total fan of these spectacular dolls from the Monster High series =D And my camwhoring has switched from my own camwhores to dolls camwhore! It's so much fun to have them around! And with the joined limbs that can be adjusted for all sorts of poses, it makes picture taking even more exciting. These ghouls are just so pretty in picture!

Spectra Vondergeist in the Mr Moustache flats from Dazzling Couture =D

Rochelle loves it clean and fresh - using the St Helen Mud Whitening Soap haha!

Found more creative pictures from the fans of Monster High Malaysia

Trapped romance! Also by a fan from Monster High Malaysia

Another MH fan - Watts Cullen Evens who made a fashion magazine 
'HUNTED MAGAZINE' and new attire for his collection of dolls! 
I think Everly, the turquoise-haired doll, is his custom MH doll! 

The Create-a-Monster set is perfect for those of you 
who want to have something that you can call 'crafted by yours truly'.  
Maybe not 'literally', but almost practically =D

I also have a set of these Create-a-Monster Set that comes with 2 dolls. Mine was Ice and Chica Hielo (if I got their names correctly). For non Monster fans, the Create-a-Monster set most probably looked pretty scary as all of the joints and limbs are separated and nicely arranged in the box. It's written as suitable for anyone above the age of 6. Those that I know adore the Monster High Dolls are above the age of 18 =D These Create-a-Monster Set is perfect to create that piece of ultra unique yet perfectly imperfect kind of doll that you have in mind.

Now the fun part begins! 
Now that you have created the Monsters, now let's look into creating some accessories! As most of us Monster High collectors enjoy taking such couture-ristic pictures of our favourite dolls, what kind of accessories or gadgets that you wish can be made available in the Monster High collection that can enhance the dolls? 
  • Based on a doll of your choice (your muse), let us know what kind of accessories you think should be created for that particular doll to enhance it =D
  • For example, "My muse is Rochelle Goyle and since she enjoy sculpting, I wish to have a sculpting machine for her that would allow her to sculpt a variety of freaktastic work of art."
  • The most creative comments gets to win a set of these Create-a-Monster, courtesy of Mattel. There will be 2 Create-a-Monster sets available as prizes!
  • Submit your most creative entries to yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com no later than 20th February 2013.
  • You can join as long as you have a Malaysian postal address.

For those who have won in our previous contests, give a shout out to your other Monster fans who may want to join in this eerie fun too! :D

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


Roa Kyle said...

This is interesting! But just curious, I have two customs MH dolls, and are they eligible for the contest? Then for my muse, what should I put? Coz theyre not of their same types anymore.

Sha-Lene said...

Hi Roa! :) Yes, your custom MH dolls are eligible - you just need to state they are custom ones, and what they are inspired by or named. :)

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