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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Razzle Dazzled, I Got Bedazzled

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger) 

Fact: No outfit is complete without accessories. And one of the most size-worry-free, easy, and addictive items to shop online would be cheap trinkets. And one of the most addictive online store to stalk would be Dazzling Couture - with cheap accessories! So cheap that I find it hard to say no. And I am sure I can adapt to being trendy in a RM7.90 Gold Spike Bracelet despite working in a construction office. At RM4.90 for a pair of feather earrings, I can literally buy the entire collection of colors to wear and later on use it to DIY a feather pendant or something! ;)

Dazzling Couture is another accessories shop that screams CHEAP and CHIC in their collection of wearables accessories. With the latest updates of accessories inspired from well known high street fashion brands, these accessories are available at a fraction of the original price!

For enterprising buyers who may want to consider reselling these since it's so affordable to be purchased as stocks for your online of offline market, Dazzling Couture too provides wholesale rates. With a minimum purchase of RM250 for the first time purchase and only RM200 for any subsequent purchases, you can easily start up a small enterprise wiht at least 30 items on hand and build your way up. How about that for small capital business investment? ;)

Shoulder Chain @ RM12.90   |    Feather Hair Clip @ RM5.90 | Moustache Necklace @ RM8.90

Spike studded collar @ RM25.90    |  Gold Spike Bracelet @ RM7.90

Lots of feather earrings from RM4.50 onwards

Hair chalk @ RM6.90 | Silver / Gold Pony Band @ RM8.00

Skull cluthches @RM29.90

Soon to come in their new batch of goodies - edgy bracelets!

As I have personally bought from them, I must say extra care is impressively given to each purchase with proper packaging. Check these out:

Yeap, it comes in boxes even though I purchased a sturdy spike headband and a shoulder chain =D

Some images below of the real deal to tempt you ;)

Shop for cheap and chic accessories at
~~Dazzling Couture~~

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

1 comment:

hobby elaine said...

Good share, these things are so cool.

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