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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Monster High Inspired Fashion: Draculaura

By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Introducing Monster High by Mattel
and Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store

Trick or treat! What did you dress up as duing the recent Halloween celebration? It's a known fact that we Malaysians don't go trick-or-treat-ing around the neighbourhood because you will end up having to run away from being chased by stray dogs, but that doesn't mean we're gonna miss out on Halloween season's fashionable fun! :)

As we've been hinting on our Facebook page and in recent blog posts, Mattel assigned the happy people of YSK to blog about their highly fashionable dolls. While most of us associate Mattel with Barbie, the new generation of younger girls know Monster High as a household name. :D

The Monster High range of dolls are created with the concept of 
self-discovery, self-acceptance and being proud and loud of who you are,
hence the tagline Be Unique, Be Yourself, Be a Monster.

The Monster High range of dolls were introduced to the market since 2010 but  only got into our shores here around September 2012. Another collection by Mattel, the well known brand that is known to produce the Barbie Dolls, UNO, Hot Wheels and many other games you see in Toys R Us, these Monster High dolls characters are based on a group of hip and fashionable teenagers. Pstt.. if you do read their profile, you will realise you most probably recognise their parents too - the werewolves, draculas, zombies is a few to name =D

YSK is glad to be able to work with Mattel to introduce to you girls out there on their latest range of dolls from the Monster High Collection

So you may ask ...
what is an online shopping portal like YSK 
gonna do with these Monster High dolls?

Throughout the months, we will be featuring many fashion related post that is inspired form these dolls, from outfits to accessories and even DIY projects! We'll be linking these products to items available on local online blogshops - and we're still welcoming interested stores, so drop us an e-mail at yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com if you'd like to be a part of the Mattel series!

We can't help but to notice that the girls  ghouls from Monster High are as trendy as we fashonistas! And what better way than to revive a lil bit of our childhood memory than with dolls? =D

Compared to the more matured Barbiedolls who are often seen in gowns and maxi and pencil dresses, these ghouls from the Monster High are superbly in trend with the latest fads - peplum skirt, baroque printed dress, ombre hair (yes! Ombre hair!!), side cut hairstyles, and each doll is as unique as the next one. ;)

Decked in rainbow hues, Skelita looks worthy of the front cover of glossy fashion mags 
in a fluorescent wedges and layeres tiered mini skirt.  
Venus McFlytrap in side cut highlighted hair yo! And check those funky  leggings!

Spectra Vondergeist in a tassled cape set, and obviously her fave color is violet!
Robecca Steam in a baroque printed dress in matching hues with her highlighted blue streaks

This week, we have Draculaura, the daughter or the Draculas making a super cute and hot appearance - in the form of a doll and a human! =P

The limited edition Draculaura Sweet 1600 retailing at RM99 in Toys R Us

Michelle of Supermodel's Secrets enthusiastically recreated the look based on a muse (from the Monster High dolls range). Not too difficult for her since her favourite color is pink - obviously she has chosen Draculaura, who is always clad in pink attire!

Draculaura coming alive!
See her battling those eyelashes like a doll with Dollywink eyelashes #2 

To recreate the look, check out the items available in Supermodel's Secrets as shown below:

Face: Elishacoy Always Tripple BB Cream as foundation base
Carmex Moisturising Lipbalm to prevent chapped lips of course!

Clip-on straight front fringe cut into triangular shape
Human hair clip-on extension for that extra length and volume
Choice of seamless and adhesive stick-on bras to minus the hassle of protruding straps
There's also the lace version of the stick-on bra if you want to add in details to your dress!

Michelle also did a video of her makeover transformation based on Draculaura. View it here for more ideas of makeover for any coming company's thematic annual dinner or birthday party since Halloween already passed! My bad for not having this up earlier ;( You can always get ready for next year though! :)

Want to go from Zero to Hero in the speed of light?
Head on to Supermodel's Secrets for more beauty bargains. ;)

Now that you have seen a snippet of the dolls and the amazing makeover based on a doll, I would also assumed you would have at least browsed through www.monsterhigh.com website to check out what's the hype with these dolls. Have you also checked out some of the profiles of the dolls?

These are some of my favourite dolls. They come with cute and interesting profiles too!

I love Nefera and her 'turquoise' theme!

Operetta looking gorgeous in her mask!

Now that you have got to know about these cool ghouls of Monster High, do you want to own one?

Monster High Dolls Giveaway
By YSK & Mattel

Mattel would like to share with you YSK readers on their latest addition to their range of toys by sponsoring a whopping 12 sets of these dolls! Each of these dolls are priced from RM79 for a basic one to RM99 for a limited edition doll. The Draculaura Sweet 1600 Birthday doll that you see is a limited edition one by the way ;)  And there are 2 of that in the giveway pile!

What Do You Have To Do?
As these dolls are all about being unique and being confident about being your ownself, what is best to portray a confident us than our own Monster High-inspired photographs? =D This is what you got to do in order to attempt in winning a doll from the Monster High Collection.
  1. Pick a doll as a muse/your source of inspiration.
  2. Read up a bit of the character of the dolls or perhaps have a closer look at their dressing or makeup style.
  3. Attempt to do a mini makeover inspired by your muse (doll).
  4. Camwhore away and send in your picture! 
  5. Complete the sentence here: I want to have a Monster High Doll because .......... and I have chosen (the name of the doll) as my muse for the makeover because ......
Terms & Conditions :
1- Open to all girls and guys (yes they have dolls for the guys too!) with a Malaysia postal address.
2- You can send in as many entries as you wish - but in different look.
3- Winners will be selected by a panel of jury from Mattel and their related marketing agency.
4- Dateline of submission : 30 December 2012

You can send in your picture to yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com along with the sentence to complete or simply share your makeover picture in YourShoppingKaki's Facebook page and type in the caption under your picture's comment ;)

Now, you may get a bit confused as to what kind of picture can you send in and what does it mean as a makeover inspired by the dolls. For example, if you are superbly skillfull and have all the props to make you a Cinderella, Barbie or in this case a Monster High doll, then you can pick a style/image that you can recreate  with most similar feature - like what is done by Michelle here.

Which is the doll, which is the human?

But if you are like me - with insufficient props but only some creative juice and lots of eagerness to win a doll (and I am not joking!), it is equally alright for you to choose a muse, and do your makeover  based on what you think will fit the doll's character. For example, I chose Rochelle Goyle, who hails from Paris and loves fashion. Her favourite color is grey and she has pink hair and is a slight diva. So I added in some element of pink and some air of divan-ness, and did my  make-up as closely as what I can observe from it's profile =D Camwhore away and send in your best picture alongside with the caption!

Rochelle Goyle according to me!

If self admiration is not your kinda thing and angling at a specific degree to capture a smaller sized you is not a hobby, but you are still keen to win a doll, fret not! We have more contests coming along to make sure you utilise all your skills =D

Keep visiting YSK for more monsterific posts to come and keep those picture submissions coming! Till then, Be Yourself, Be Unique, Be a Monster!! Rawr!!

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia Lee (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


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The Monster High range of dolls were introduced to the market since 2010 but only got into our shores here around September 2012. Another ... highkostuem.blogspot.de

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