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Monday, September 5, 2011

Product Review: I am Seeing Colours!

Product Review: Magic Color Lens
By Cynthia (Guest Blogger)

Hello! :D Today we are playing dressing up for no particular reason ;) Hope the holidays have been a marvellous one for all of you readers. There wasn't much for me to do during long holidays except for yoga classes and Indian Classical Dance classes that I attend dutifully. Holidays are the time where I had slightly more time to entisify on my camwhore skills with more props/make up =P

Magic Colour Lens from Magic Colour Lens of course!

Another of must haves in the vanity drawers of any camwhorer - colourful lenses/big eye lenses/emotional lenses. I call 'em emotional because you will be amazed with the wonders these 'out-of-conventional' lenses can do to enhance those features of yours.

Can you spot the one with and without lenses?

Make-up are normally great by itself. It gives the glow that you can never find in those tired face of ours due to long hours of assignment, works and such. But of course there are those who are so lucky and are born with the flawless complexion and need no further enhancement. I am not under those category. I am under the 'I need to do something to divert your attention to staring at my bad complexion'. So what is best to use as a diversion if not the pair of boobs eyes that can sometimes kill with just a stare =P

Did I I killed ya with my stare? Did I? Did I? =P
In Blushy - Brown

Coloured lenses are great add-ons if you have a dull expression like mine ;) However, I have decided that colour lenses are best used with some make-up. Otherwise, you may end up like a famished vampire waiting to suck on some chicken legs.

So, I went puff, puff, slather here and there, line this and that, blush blush ....

puff, dabs and more dabs, slather, slather and even fixed a wig on!
Blusher from Daiso
OCC Lip Tar from Cult Serendipity
Seamless fringe from Supermodels' Secrets

I got 2 types of coloured lens from Magic Color Lens - a Blushy in brown and a Sparkling in Aqua. Blushy is rather expressive in my opinion. Very intense and bloodshot (from earlier 'stare-to-kill' picture). But it is easily toned down with a lil make-up. I always like the combo of brown and khaki green. So I slapped on some green shadow in olive instead and framed up the eyes with brown lined eyebrows using eyeshadow =P

Eyes are instantly brightens up and appear bigger than it normally is without lenses. I would say it is more expressive than a bare set of eyes. It is like O.O and not o.o

Spot my fake diamond ear-stud studded on my nose! Now I can have big mouth, big nose, big eyes to compliment a big face. What a balance! -_-
In Blushy - Brown

More camwhore to irritate...
Initially planned to do a Poison Ivy makeover, but can't get any suitable clothes =P
In Blushy - Brown
I conceptualise the next set of colored lenses based on those cute Japanese girls you can spot in those magazine with lots of Japanese text and big-eyed girls. The Sparkling range is perfect if you want to appear dreamy and forever in your own world of nothingness ;)

Before you stare in disgust of my portrayal of cute, bear in mind I am 32 years of age and cute is not my middle name but I try! =P
Dreamy eyes with nude lips are best to intensify your dreaminess ;)
Seamless fringe from Supermodels Secrets
Hair extension from Melody Love fashion
Dreamy eyes lenses from Magic Color Lenses in Sparkling-Aqua

More camwhore!!
I am pretty happy with the lenses and they looked like any ordinary lenses that you can get from the optician. Hygienically packed in standard casing (I always have this impression that some sellers re-package the lenses in their kitchen by dropping it into jars, I don't know why), the Magic Colour Lens is pretty easy to browse and all the different types of lenses are listed clearly for easy navigation.

Besides pretty lenses in all sorts of variation, the owner that carries the Magic Color Lens also carries a range of tote and bag organiser designed by herself under the label of Chic & Sleek.

Now you may wonder, it's just another tote. Exactly! Just a tote. But with pretty chic design!

pick the tote of your choice HERE!

The size of the tote is actually made to fit the bag organiser which Chic & Sleek carries.A bag organiser is of course, to assist you in organising all your items so that you will not need to keep digging and digging to find that lip balm of yours ;)

In case you do not know what is a bag organiser ;)

Chic & Sleek is currently having a massive promotion on the tote and organiser set. Get yourself a set of tote and bag organiser of your choice and pay only RM70 inclusive of postage! What a deal considering that the normal price for the tote is RM68 and the bag organiser at RM45. You saved a whopping RM43!

Your perfect tools for the 'No Plastic Day' shopping ;)

I picked an Egyptian Pony Design set on a hot pink canvas, which I now religiously carry to work. On weekends I emptied out all my papers and make ups and office stuff and uses it for minor shopping ;) It comes with some smaller pockets inside to store those nitty gritty accesories.

Great quality canvas with hot stamping prints - Egyptian Pony design

To a certain extent I actually uses it as a laptop bag when I have to stop by Starbucks on weekly basis =P Now that color-blocking is in trend, this is a perfect accessory! Choose a color that totally contrast with your basic outfit for a change. It totally stands out.

Hot pink and electric blue combo to colorblock! | Hot pink with my striped dress

Now I sounded like I am campaigning for pink over and over again, but it is so pretty! But of course, for the monochrome community who prefers lesser attention there's equally as much pretty design in black details set on white canvas and many more other options. Check them out in their Facebook page HERE.
And I shall end this post with some excessive makeover of the Raya holidays! Welcome back to work, studies and traffic jams! ;)

Sparkling eyes achieved with Magic Color Lens - Sparkling in Aqua
Long curly extension from Melody Love Fashion
Navy Glitter Pumps from The Fashion Barrage

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia, YSK Guest Blogger
Edited by YourShoppingKaki


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hey all of your lenses are awesome and scary too, i like your color choices for lenses they are really magical :)

Lina said...

Your pose on showing the shoes is a bit too much lol!

Kay said...

I thought you were like twenty-something ._.

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