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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Slow Boss

Haha so apparently I'm one of those bosses who are more laid-back than her kuli Guest Bloggers, because I'm so late in blogging about this - my Guest Bloggers have been spamming my e-mail asking me when it's gonna be up! :P

Last Sunday - yeah, 3rd July, not even this past Sunday, lol! - I had a nice afternoon spending some QT with some of the Guest Bloggers you see keeping YSK updated while yours truly is being a lazy bum oversleeping or ... shopping. Only joking! :D I've been busy with uni, and it's hard to start the ball rolling again after stopping for so long, but we're lucky these awesome bloggers have been actively blogging in my place. :D

Theme: Florals :D

Some familiar names and faces: Wei Ni, me, Mechell, Cynthia :)

Mechell was camera-shy for some reason that day :O So there are not many pics of her :(


Wei Ni | Cynthia | Sha-Lene (me) :D

I always enjoy getting to know the people whose work I read, so in case you're the same as me, here's a quick recap on who we are:
  • Sha-Lene: I'm Your Shopping Kaki! :D The creator of the YSK enterprise and the one who edits the blog posts of Guest Bloggers. ;) Now adding to the unemployment rate in the country by being a fresh journalism graduate. XD
  • Cynthia: Sales manager by day, and YSK's personal business consultant by night! Lol! She's outrageously funny and scandalously bold. :D
  • Wei Ni: Our modelesque blogger with a penchant for fashion and a comprehensive experience in the online shopping and selling world, she's our go-to person for photoshooting ideas!
  • Mechell: This psychology major is the baby of the bunch, but don't underestimate her high entrepreneurship ideas and love for online shopping! :P
  • Other Guest Bloggers who couldn't make it to the get-together this round: Anna, Nathalee, Michelle. We'll talk more about them when we have pics! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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