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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Product Review: Woopz at the Beach

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

Woopz is not quite the sound you would like to make when you’re wearing a teeny tiny uber sexy bikini at the beach, think big ass wave coming your way and suddenly ‘Woopz, bikini top slipped down!’. That minor incident aside, Woopz is actually the name of the latest blogshop around town specialising in, you guessed it… bikinis!

Woopz Bikinis Logo

If you’re wondering how they came up with the name Woopz Bikinis, it is because the two owners of this particular blogshop are fun-loving girls who absolutely LOVE the beach and who happen to be butterfingers as well and they kept going Woopz whenever something happens. Now you gotta wonder, have they had the bikini top fallen down due to a wild wave.

As a person who loves the beach and loves to tan and loves bikinis, I was most excited when I got a chance to review one of their bikinis! As a person who is totally indecisive and has already more than 5 bikinis, I decided to get my sister to help me pick out a bikini for this review. The one I picked, this totally cute Angel White Dotted Bandeau Bikini!


Tadah! What’d ya guys think? Totally cute no? I love the fact that the string around the bust can be removed, so if you don’t want no halter neck tan lines, you can remove it and voila! Tan in peace! :)

This is how your bikinis will be arriving by the way.


In an adorable square box!
Please ignore the wet spots on the box, it was raining when I went to collect my parcel.


And when you open up the box, your bikini is neatly wrapped in paper and tied with a ribbon!


Close up photos of the bikini. The bikini bottom has a string at the side, making it flexible for all sizes. Loosen it if you’ve got J.Lo’s sexy hips or tighten it if you’ve got teeny tiny petite hips.


Front of bikini, the string is knotted at the back but removable. Wasn’t too keen on the clasp back mechanism, I much prefer a tie back bikini, as I am always paranoid over the fact that the clasp back won’t be tight enough and it’ll slip down! But no worries, putting this one on, it felt totally secure! Muchos pleased I am. :)

Sadly, I cannot tell you whether it will hold up against a giant wave or not as I sadly do not have the chance to visit a gorgeous beach with mad waves anytime soon. :(


Removable pads, which I totally plan to remove because they always make my boobs look weird!

What with it being rainy the past few weeks, I have not quite gotten a chance to wear this bikini out yet. But lo and behold, one fine Saturday the sun decided to shine and I headed over to my friend’s pool and took a nice swim in this itsy bitsy teeny weeny white polka dot bikini!

Being the lazy sort of person that I am, I didn’t spend too much time swimming. In fact, I mostly just waded around the pool and spent the rest of the time lying on a pool chair getting a nice tan in my pretty new bikini! The only problem I have is that I am totally useless at clasping on the back of the bikini, so should I want to tan my back, clasping and unclasping might be a tad tricky. Though, I must admit that I am rather pleased with the quality of the bikini, it felt comfortable and sturdy. Definitely could last you quite awhile should you choose to wear it regularly. But why stick to just one bikini when you can have a plethora of them to choose from!

Below are a few of my favourite bikinis from Woopz Bikinis!

I just cannot resist the bright colours! Hot pink! Bright cerulean blue! And deep dark chocolate! The best part about bikinis is that you can mix and match the top and bottom! So if I am feeling particularly colourful that day, I’d wear a pink top with a blue bottom or vice versa, if I feel like a pop of colour but not too much, pink & chocolate is always a fun combo!

As we all know, I am mad about prints. So if there’s a chance for me to get sailor stripes for the beach, all the better! Sun, sea, sand & sailor I say!

Yes, again with the stripes. Personally, bandeau tops are my favourite because they are the ones that give you the least tan lines, and when shown a bikini that is oh-so-bright and colourful! How to resist! It’s too cute! Love the colour combination!

Orange! Polka dots! I love this bikini! I love the fact that the top is reversible so you can choose to wear it either polka dotted or plain orange, personally am loving the bright orange!


The little belt at the bottom totally reminds me of Halle Berry in James Bond. The orange! The belt! I love it! Now all we need is Halle’s body to match. Aih.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Woopz Bikini to get yourself a brand spanking new bikini to bring yourself one step closer to Halle Berry-dom. If you’re a mad Facebook person like I am, don’t forget to Like them here as well! And if you tweet tweet tweet like the birds in the sky, they Tweet too!

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)


MODELLO said...

Weeeeew!!! i love wearing bikiniswith stripes bottom going to have mine very sOOn,pastel colors is the best in the beach...

Dave at GlobalOnlineShop said...

This really makes a surpeb shopping site for women's wear.

It is indeed for Supermodels. Thanks

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