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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Product Review: How To Be Bootylicious

By Mechell Lee (Guest Blogger)

Product: Magic Butt

Hello, shopping kaki! :D

Now, Supermodel's Secrets and its owner, Michelle, are no stranger to our online community thanks to all the amazing products she's been bringing in and her friendly attitude towards everyone ;) and sometimes when I go through their website, I feel a loud voice screaming inside for me to buy, buy, buy! 

But no doubt, sometimes when a product sounds too good to be true, like the Squeem magical lingerie (I WANT I NEED to get one of those!) and the push up padded butt panty, a product review is called for! :D So here's me giving the magic butt a try! 

I apologize for the lousy color in this picture, was using my phone to take it but didn't realize there was a vignette effect. :/

Anyhow, check out the box! I believe it's custom made just for Supermodel's Secrets. I normally wouldn't use this word, but there's only one word to describe this - so CHIO! *flips hair* Haha. Pardon my bimbo moment. It was delightful opening the post laju package to see this super sweet pink box. The behind of the box (sorry, no picture) shows another before-after picture as well as some elaboration about the material, features of the product etc. 

Actual product as shown above. It's actually nude color (once again blame the camera effect) and the quality is pretty good, quite impressive. The pads are sewn in equally on both sides and the seams are very neat. It's not as stretchable as I thought though, so most important thing before making your purchase would be to pick the correct size.

Supermodel's Secrets currently have them in nude and black color, in sizes S (for waist/ jeans size 25-27") and M (for waist/ jeans size 28-30"). I took mine in S size since my waist measurements are around 25.5", but I didn't take into account my hips were around 35" so... unfortunately it was quite tight on me. Still, after wearing it for a bit, it gets more comfortable every time. I don't have the M size for comparison but this is just something you may want to take note of :)

My sister said there wasn't much of a difference because my ass is already huge *grrr* BUT I think there is a slight difference even if it's not a drastic one. The skirt looks visibly tighter on me with the magic butt, and the dress picture shows more curve at the bottom with the magic butt on. I reckon that petite girls like Michelle, and boyish figures will benefit most from this product. As for curvy babes, the results will probably not be as impressive for obvious reasons ;)

Besides the slight push up, I liked that the padded panty was comfortable as well. It's like having a built in cushion everywhere you go! Hahaha. My sister was quite taken with the product as well and she cracked jokes like "you gotta wear it if someone wants to spank you, it won't hurt you a single bit!"  and she's right, you probably won't really feel it ;D

2 final pictures to show that the magic butt works its magic on your curves, but does not make you any  bulkier from the front view, which is great right! Give the crowd a happy sight once they catch a side profile view of you ;)

If anything else, one good reason to own this magic butt before it's sold out at Supermodel's Secrets would be its push up function. I'm sure it works the same for saggy butts, so I'm definitely saving mine for special occasions! ;)

Check out Supermodel's Secrets for loads of products to enhance your natural beauty! *winks*

Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"

SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya
 +6016 280 1990 (SMS/Whatsapp)


Happy Shopping!
Mechell a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by Your Shopping Kaki :)


Arenyss said...

like this post! love ur dress!hehe..where do u bought it?

Mechell said...

hey babe! thanks for commenting on the post :)i bought the dress at the mines shopping mall, if not mistaken.

Sanatate said...


Davies M M said...

Your outfits are very impressive.

Thanks to the designers

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