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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Announcement: Registration of Online Businesses

Hi shopping kaki! :)

I apologise for being out of the loop until now - but eventhough I just found out (thanks Jolene for alerting me!), I thought I should post it up here to share with every blogshop owner reading this. Just in case :)

Basically, The Star reported that unregistered online businesses have been charged for not registering their companies. This happened in Georgetown, and I'm really not sure of the extent of this new strict-ness... but if you're interested to find out more, here's the news story to start you off:

Info on registering your online business can be found here:

If anyone reading this knows any more info that will help the online shopping community, please leave a comment ya! :) I'm totally clueless right now :(

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


CuCuCamber said...

Hi Sha-lene,

yeah i just got to know the other day too...wahh so scare..hehehe...but I decided to register enterprise for my blog next week..wohoooo...one step forward for my blog ;)

thanks for reminding us dear


Korean Fashion Station said...

Hey Sha-Lene, thanks for the update ;)

Kerinduan Ent. said...

my dad told me that last week..i just knew also..to be safe,i am now operating under my dad's company..huhu

Anonymous said...

how and what way will it be different if you registered? Will you be entitle to tax etc? And how will it affect our business?

Im totally lost here..

Michelle said...

Heya all~

First of all thanks to Sha-Lene for this update. =)it's good for all of us to know and be safe.

We've just done our registration a couple of days back. It's a pretty simple process, no govt bureaucracies. It took less than an hour for the entire process from registration to completion with business registration cert printed on the spot.

Costs RM 70 a year. pretty reasonable for an Enterprise/sole proprietor.

Taxes will have to filed filed yearly. Depending on profits/income declared.

Feel free to contact me if you guys have any questions.

Tcare babes~


CuCuCamber said...

hello Michelle..

Since u already registered enterprise,may i know what document they need for an enterprise/sole proprietor? only IC is it?im going to register soon so wants to prepare the docs.

thanks so much for the info n help..


Unknown said...

Hey Min,

Justbring your IC and a photostated copy of it. They will provide you with a business registration form once presented with you IC yeah.


Lemme know if you have any other questions, wll try my best to help.
Thanks and cheers,


Unknown said...

Hi Min~=)

Just bring your IC and a photostated copy will do. The biz registration form will be given when your ic is presented. Form can be filled there and then and be submitted on that day itself.

Any questions feel free to drop me a line.


Emy said...

Thanks a million for the info on the online shops must register. We've done it.

Unknown said...

Just wondering, other than getting a business license, do we have to register our website with some kind of organisation or government department?

CuCuCamber said...

thanks so much Michelle.. ;)

Winnie said...

if you're busy and don't have the time to go to the registration office, you can opt for online registration. i paid for the registration fee using credit card, it's pretty convenient.

CuCuCamber said...


we just register this morning and it took less den an hour eventhough there is so many ppl...great service i must say..

so do register now to be safe and take one steap forward for your business ;)


Naddie said...

Is there any way the consumers can keep track of registered online businesses as well?

Chunky said...

Hi, can we register online ?
If yes, what is the link ?
Thanks :)

ELL said...

Hi Hi

I just finish registering online. You can refer to

The below link the steps but some might not be updated.

Cheers :)

My Preloved Site said...

hi, would like to know, preloved business also need to register?:)

adrian oh said...

hi all, this post might offer you some real insights into whether you should register with ssm or not - happy reading!


Doriyuckey said...

Hey @Adrianoh,

I've checked out the link u post, but still , I don't really understand and I'm not sure whether I have to register or not since in the article, I've quoted this :

"The simple answer is that, business registration is required for those businesses that are some what structured, premature and continuous in nature."

So thus this mean that ONLY online businesses that are continuously update it's stock need to register with SSM?

Or thus this applies to ALL Online businesses owners?

And another thing, If the owner is currently a student, does he/she still need to register?

Please HELP !

Thanks :)


adrianoh said...

hi nazihah, greeting. simplest way to put it. if you run this as a biz, to continuously make profit (instead of one time, ad hoc sales), you should register it. :) It should be pretty clear from what's covered on the interview.

Anonymous said...

So I'm assuming then that pre-loved/pre-owned blogshops don't need to register? considering how items of this nature are being sold not for profit, but in fact for a loss.

What about pre-loved/pre-owned blogshops which occasionally bring in brand new items to sell for profit? Are those considered as one time/ad hoc sales?

Your Shopping Kaki said...

In my personal opinion, there is no need to register unless you are running a long-term, full-time online business. :) Of course, this depends on a case-to-case basis, but I think that makes a pretty good general rule.

Sarah Kamal said...

but what if i just wanna sell my pre-owned stuff only. after that i'm done. i don't tend to make it a full time or a long term business. do i still need to register?

Anonymous said...

This really don't effect on the blogshop, government already allow foreign investment to the country. The blogshop all is under .com which is worldwide where government do not stop ppl to sell stuff from other country to Malaysia. As long as we don't distribute name card, brochure and etc on the public that fine. only online advertisement is allow.

Mizu said...

Hello there,I'm new here and I just know that we need to register even though for online business..

Can I ask?Where do I have to get the licence??coz there are statement in the guide that licence is needed to register.I'm confuse,,Please help me on how to register...

and we have to pay fee every year??

Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

if i just want to sell my pre-owned item and after all stock finish, that's all, no more business bcoz i didn't want to make this business as full-time.. do i need to register my business? i read b4 that there is a fee worth rm70 a year that need to be paid.. should i pay that fee even though my pre-owned or pre-loved business only last for several months? pls kindly give me a clue here.. thanx!

Amirul Zaki said...

Thanks for the reminder! :) i haven't registered my online shop yet. hopefully i can do it as soon as possible. how about the tax etc can anyone shed any light on the topic? how are we going to declare the earnings to them. and also should choose enterprise or sole proprietorship. whats the difference between sdn bhd? thank you.

Anonymous said...

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Kachfashion.com said...

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Unknown said...

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