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Saturday, July 24, 2010

About YourShoppingKaki.com

[Last updated: 28 February 2011]

Welcome to Your Shopping Kaki! :D

We are your friendly neighbourhood review blog
on all things related to online shopping in Malaysia! :)

What We Do
The short answer is - we write! :) I love writing and shopping - so this blog is the inevitable result of a shopaholic in journalism school. :D

The long answer is that this blog could easily be your gateway to the world of local online shopping - the blogrolls on the sidebar carry links to thousands of blogshops and online stores, and our blog posts consist of reviews, features and write-ups about trends, bargains, personal shopping experiences, contests, the latest shopping-related events (e.g. flea markets, bazaars, fashion shows) and so much more! This blog is quite literally your shopping kaki! ;)

What kind of stuff can you buy online?
Anything you can buy in a mall - and more! Women's clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. Workwear. Whatever the hottest celebrity is wearing now.

Menswear. Vintage clothes. Plus-sized clothes. Baby clothes. Maternity clothes. Collectibles. Books. Lingerie. Swimwear. Costumes. Wigs. Perfumes. Cosmetics. Beauty products. Skincare. You want it, you can out on YourShoppingKaki where to buy it!

Who is Your Shopping Kaki?

This blog is an image - an institution and a brand. We like to think that it is an entity in itself! :) But if you're one curious cat who just wants to know who the bloggers behind this blog are - here's the skinny on the YSK team! :D

Creator | Writer | Editor
Pung Sha-Lene

This is the face behind YSK - yours truly :) *shy

I guess I should introduce myself as a 22-year-old journalism and communications major.
By nature an obsessive-compulsive, head-in-the-clouds sort of overimaginative blogger. :D Strongly believes the colour Yellow is a religion. Also a freak for florals (and chicken pie).

This die-hard Twi-hard and Potterhead created YSK one fine day in a bout of procrastination over impending examinations.
Personal blog here :)
In an attempt to bring in different points of view (and a wider range of personalities) into an increasingly expanding blog, a few months ago I decided to launch a Guest Blogger program where readers can volunteer to contribute material to be published! :)

How to navigate this blog?
Heavy on visual impact and even heavier on information, this blog revolves around a model of ordered chaos that might take a little while to explore - but it's worth it! ;) And if you're looking for something very specific, there's a Search Bar above the chatboxes (on the sidebar).

I constantly upgrade and improve the website to look and work better, so any feedback or suggestions are more than welcome too :D

Meanwhile, here's a quick guide on the main features of this blog:
  • Tabs: We've got quick tabs below the banner for your easy browsing. Reviews are interesting items we've spotted on different blogshops, Features are interviews or special write-ups on blogshops or events, FYI (the newest and most popular tab) carries product reviews based on personal shopping experiences, Advertorials are write-ups bought by advertisers, Blogshop directs you to our own second-hand store, and Housekeeping consists of announcements and posts such as these :P
  • Info Tabs: We've also got quick, colourful tabs on the sidebar that are linked to info-sheets about YSK. These tabs (About Us, House Rules, etc) are luckily quite self-explanatory :D For example, interested advertisers can find out all they need to know about the commercial viability of this blog by clicking on the "Advertising" tab.
  • Events & Bazaar Announcements: This is a very useful part of this blog :) Well, it's useful for myself - so hopefully it'll be useful to you too! :D Here, I list and link all the shopping-related events I can find - bazaars, fashion shows, conventions and even YSK's self-declared Maxi Dress Day ;)
  • Blogrolls: On the sidebar, thousands of blogshops are linked for your easy shopping needs! Categorised into ten different categories depending on what is sold in the online store (more info here), I even have a blogroll of blogshops I've personally shopped at before! :) Sometimes it freaks me out about how long the list is getting ... but at least you can feel free to email me and ask about any of the shops on that list :P

All in all, this blog is for YOU -
I am Your Shopping Kaki :)
Enjoy your visits! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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