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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Interested in Advertising on YSK?

Last updated: 12th July 2012

Interested in placing an advertisement on Your Shopping Kaki? :D

Our readership statistics:
  • Around 1,700 unique visitors per day (and growing!)
  • Over 10,000 unique visitors each week.
  • Around 4,000 page loads per day (nearly 30,000 per week)

Our viewer & target demographic are ...
  • Mostly girls/women between 15 - 35 years of age (80%)
  • Guys between 18-26 years of age (20%)
  • Students from secondary, college and undergraduate levels (50%)
  • Working middle class / Young working adults (50%)
In a short span of eleven months since the birth of this website (which dates back to Feb '09), we've worked and collaborated with ...
  • Blogshops
  • Online shopping consumers
  • Bazaar & event organisers
  • Charity events & campaigns
  • Local, foreign, regional & international corporations in the consumer field such as VSHub, Whooga, Reebonz, Watsons, Ogilvy and Nuffnang.
  • On 9th September 2009, we officially received sponsorship to be a dot com website - an offer extended to us by Starhostz.com.
  • On 9th April 2010, we officially extended the YSK name to a Blogger's Column in online news portal, Malaysian Mirror.
This online shopping review blog is so much more than just a blog about shopping, too!
  • Features, including interviews with event organisers & blogshop owners
  • Interactive discussions about current issues in the online shopping community
  • Magazine-like "How To" pieces or trendspotting write-ups
  • Event reviews, from bazaars to fashion shows
  • A dynamic fusion of info-tainment, featuring issues from breast cancer awareness to animal rights and nationhood (we are proud supporters of 15Malaysia!)
We have also been featured in local media:

There are 2 types of paid advertising
services on this review blog:

The first type is the Advertorial - a write-up on your blogshop! :) Rest assured that rates are very affordable. Price quotations are given based on what you would like in the advertorial. Note: Advertorials are not the same as product reviews because we do not receive any cash payment for our product reviews, the product is merely sent to us for testing :)
Status: Book your date for advertorials anytime, and as far in advance as you need *recommended*!
If interested to discuss the possibility of a product review instead, just email us!


The second type is the Advertisement - placing your advertisement picture or blog banner on one of the three advertisement spaces on this website. :)

1) Between "Hear Ye!" and "Bazaar Announcements"
  • Size: 657 x 100 pixels
  • Rate: RM40 per month
  • Space 1:
  • Space 2: 
  • Space 3:
  • Space 4:
  • Space 5:

2) Directly above blog posts:

  • Size: 657 x 100 pixels
  • Rate: RM40 per month
  • Space 1:
  • Space 2:
  • Space 3:
  • Space 4:
  • Space 5:

3) Directly above blogrolls (sidebar):

  • Size: 249 x 90 pixels
  • RM15 per month
  • Status: Available now :)
  • Special offer 1: RM50 for 4 months @ regular size 249 x 90 pixels
  • Special offer 2: RM80 for 4 months @ doubled size 249 x 180 pixels
  • Bonus: All sidebar advertisements are stored on YSK's Facebook page album! :D

Kindly e-mail to enquire further. :)
Generous discounts will be given for long-term ads. :D


1) Full payment is to be made in advance, BEFORE booking is confirmed and advertisement is displayed.
2) This arrangement will operate on a first come, first served basis – whichever blogshop that contacts me, confirms, and makes payment FIRST, will receive the first advertising opportunity! :)
Rates are subject to change. Notice is immediate – but there will not be any changes made to the rates of existing advertising arrangements. ;)
4) The size of your advertisement must fit specified spaces – so if you have designed something that is bigger, it will be shrunk to size. There are only 3 standard sizes of ads (refer above).
5) Design, wording, colour, shape, banner, etc is completely up to you, as long as it in JPEG format. If you wish to advertise using a GIF image, p lease provide the html code.
There is no guarantee that placing your advertisement on YSK will impact your blogshop’s business – the only thing Your Shopping Kaki can do is display your advertisement and hope that it generates traffic for you, but nothing more. :)
7) Should you choose to terminate your contract for reasonable reasons, we dutifully understand. Any balance will be refunded to you (excluding an RM5 Termination Fee).
8) If you do not send in your advertisement picture in the correct size or do not send in an ad pic at all, I will not put your advertisement up. There will not be any refund for lost time. I'll try to send reminders but please do try to remember on your own :)
Agreeing to an advertising arrangement with Your Shopping Kaki binds you to these Terms & Conditions from 1-9, including acknowledgment of the Frequently Asked Questions below.

*FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)*

Q: If I choose to place a PAID ADVERTISEMENT on YSK, does that mean you will not review my items during the advertisement period?
A: If you were to opt for a paid advertisement on YSK, this will not stop me from reviewing items on your site :) I will review at least 8 items in 8 different blogshops each week, and the selection of items is up to my discretion. But there will be categories, e.g. "8 Finds Under RM20", etc. :D Every post will be interesting and creative and different! :)

Q: Do I need to pay for YSK to review my blogshop’s items?
A: It is free of charge for me to review items on your site, as well as to link your site. :) I expect nothing in return - except for you to link YSK back! I’m a journalism major, so YSK is – first and foremost – a creative outlet for me! :D

Q: Does it have to be the same ad picture for the entire advertising arrangement, or can I change it?
A: Yes, of course you may change it. :) Especially if you are having different promotions, or those specially-targeted for certain occasions/dates/events.

Q: What size should my advertisement be?
A: Refer to the sizes above, or just e-mail me to ask. :)

Q: How do I pay you?
A: Kindly bank-in the money in full, into my Maybank account. Details will be provided upon confirmation of advertising. And sorry, it is strictly into my Maybank a/c only – not CIMB, HSBC, etc. :)

Q: Can I place an advertisement if I don’t own a blogshop, but want to promote something else – like an event that I am organising?
A: Yes, of course. :) However, this will be subject to my discretion – if I deem the advertisement to be inappropriate, I reserve the right to politely decline.

Q: Do you ever allow free advertisements in the PAID spaces?
A: Yes, if it’s a charitable cause. :) Again, at my discretion as to what constitutes a charitable cause. Blogshops are also welcome to sponsor charitable causes – in that case, the blogshop’s name and link will be placed in the caption below the advertisement (e.g. Sponsored by Blogshop Supercool @ http://www.iboughtsupermansunderwearonebay.com/). Lastly, any money I receive from sponsors of charitable ads will be donated to a charity of my choice. :D Yay!

Q: I don't know how to design my own advertisement banner... so how?
A: No worries! :D We have an in-house banner design contact for your affordable, pixel perfect needs! :) Just drop an e-mail to yourshoppingkaki@gmail.com so we can tell you more.

Just as my keepsake, below is my mini-collection of advertisement posters or blog banners I've come up with in the past (sometimes using graphics from the blogshop/client/Internet). :D Our new in-house designer is not the amateur me, so her work will be better, haha! In no particular order:

Happy Shopping!


Mayor Mio said...

hi there,

We're from www.miofashioncity.blogspot.com
We're looking forward to join the big family, wish you could link us very soon.
Btw, we've linked you and have submitted the form yah.

thanks & regards,
Mayor Mio

The Vintage Mode said...

To All shopaholics,

Hey ya! here's my new blog shop www.thevintagemode.blogspot.com. Hopefully u guys will link me very soon!! I've submitted the form. Hope u received. =))


PoppyPumpkins said...


Interested to place advertisment on YSK. Hope you could reply to my email. Thank you.


Korean Fashion Station said...

Hi Sha-Lene,
I have sent you an email regarding advertising service. Hope to get your reply soon.


dollygaga said...

still cant link ysk... how to delete the linking button of html (l)??? help help or whos can leave me phone num i need helpppp

Your Shopping Kaki said...

Hi Dolly Gaga :)

Which linking button of html? o.O
Perhaps the tech support here will assist you:


casey said...

helo! this is Chasseur de Rêve a new blogshop! this is our blogshop and we hoping for you to link us! ;)

Magic Crew said...

Hi, can i link my online magic shop website http://www.magiccrew2u.com here? thx!

Dear Debbie said...

hi shalene

sent u an email regarding advertisement space


Sweet_Carte said...

hi YSK, we've sent you an email days ago regarding the advertising space, hope to hear from you soon, :D


SensualMyth said...


I've email you on the paid advertising and also send the form to link to your site. hope to hear from you soon. Happy New Year. 2012!


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