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Saturday, June 25, 2016

With TAG La, You Won't Missed It Lah!

by Cynthia Lee

If there is anything I am weak at, that would be Maths and gadgets.
I am not that good in Mathematics despite having myself stuck in the Science Stream till Sixth Form.
And did I tell you that I have recently 'upgraded' my gadgets to an iPhone 6S Plus and a MacBook Air, to which I still am not able to locate the bluetooth function in the MacBook till 2 days ago.
So, yeah, this is not going to be a very technical review on the TAG La.

TAG La what?
Like the name itself, the TAG la device is a bluetooth tracker that you can literally 'tag' it to your belongings so you will be able to locate your stuff shall you have a temporary memory loss or a permanently forgetful person! :)

It is an apps based device and hence, yes, you are required to have a smartphone with bluetooth and apps downloads capacity as a minimum requirement. This 'chip-like' device operates on a Lithium Coin Battery using very low energy.

But of course, that is not the ONLY function that this mini lil gadget can do.

The TAG La bluetooth tracker is to be attached onto your belongings and functions to help you in monitoring your belongings via an apps.

On the other way round, shall you misplace your phone instead of the item which you have attached your TAG La on, you can do a reverse tracking too via the TAG La device. With some pre-setting done, simply trigger the device to activate the Alarm mode of the phone. But what are the chances eh that the Gen Y nowadays can leave a spot without their phone ;)

This clause is taken from the website ; "It automatically records the last time and place it saw your item. So, if you left it somewhere, you know where to look first."

If I did not decipher the meaning wrongly, I think it means that all location of your 'tagged' items are being tracked based on the last activity.

The apps will indicate the latest location based on the latest activated event.

This could be the most used feature for most especially if you love picture taking. After all which girls doesn't fancy a quick snap of selfie / wefie. And now you do not have to juggle between holding your phone securely and sacrificing a finger to press the snap button while having a 50/50 risk of dropping your phone. 

How Does It Work?

Pretty easy to navigate the functions available via the apps. The Troika Find Apps is available in both Android and IOS and is free to install.

All that you need to do is to pair your TAG La with your phone upon installation of the apps. This is done with the Bluetooth on, of course for both devices.

You can label your TAG La devices accordingly, if you have more than one. And yes, you definitely need more than one if you are really forgetful.

Always misplaced your wallets? It is slim enough to be slipped into the wallet and eases your searching later on!
You can label each tag accordingly via the apps for easy identification. 
Set the functions required for each of your tags. Importantly you need to raise the level of Alarm Volume/ Ringtone shall you always misplaced smaller items which is harder to locate =D

My View on the Product
It's a good-to-have product if you really are consistently misplacing your belongings. However, do note that tracking can be done within 75 feet open range without barrier. Do not expect that you will be able to work its magic to help you locate your wallet on one floor while you are at another floor. But the range should be good enough for those who keep forgetting where they drop their key in the living hall or a small flat.

The product can be attached to those mobile strap holder. It comes with a tiny opening for you to slot in the mobile strap holder. You have to get your own strap though. It is not included.

Where else can you use this on? Literally everything that you tend to always misplaced.
Simply slip it into your wallet since it is slim. You can't possibly misplaced your notebook though. But if that does happen to you, then you can put a double sided tape and tape it onto the notebook. At the same time, you seriously need to take some supplement to further prevent yourself from REALLY misplacing a notebook!

If you are like me who have a tendency to stash my passport and documents in some corners of the house, you can slip a TAG La along too, so that you will not forget exactly which place are you putting your documents this time round! =D

This will of course be a slightly expensive item for you to slip into your socks if you tend to always fail to locate the other side of the socks! =D

How Much Is This?
RM59.90 per unit.
It comes in a variation of 6 colours - White, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow and Red

pic credit to Tag La Facebook

Where to Buy?

Simply logon to http://tagla.com.my/

Or direct to their shopping cart system : BUY NOW

Check out their updates from time to time via their Facebook page : TAG La Facebook Page

Happy Shopping!!
By Cynthia Lee
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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