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Sunday, August 23, 2015

CC is for Catrice Cosmetics

by Cynthia Lee

I was first introduced to this fabulous brand by a blogger friend who constantly rummage the pharmacy counter for any new beauty releases.

Here's an excerpt about the Philosopy by Catrice Cosmetic;

CATRICE is inspired by the trends in the fashion capitals of the worldCATRICE never misses a single trend, must-have or detail. The range is extremely convincing: a large choice of colours with trendy as well as classic shades for diverse looks. Products with high-quality ingredients, luxurious textures and innovative formulas. Premium packaging. An ideal price-performance-ratio to ensure a pure love of shopping. Twice a year, 25% of the CATRICE range is updated so that there is always something new to discover. Beyond that, our in-house Trend Division develops up to 14 limited make-up collections per year: the current looks of the catwalk shows provide the inspiration for our make-up collections and are re-interpreted with the beauty products by CATRICE.CATRICE – a pure joy of life: inspiring, contagious and multi-facetted.

With so many brands out there screaming for attention, with each one promising to give you the awesome complexion, eye-opening lashes, silky red lips and many more influencing phrases that will tempt the heart and money out of us girls, it's really difficult to select.

And of course, budget plays a very big role, when you have too much to buy and too little money to splurge on cosmetics.

Catrice Cosmetics is amazingly affordable. I would like to scream 'cheap' but it's not that sort of cheap in a degrading manner. It's simply super-budget-savvy! You could most probably get a complete set of basic cosmetics with just RM50 ; - powder, eyeliner and perhaps a single color eye shadow or a lipstick complete the look.

Here's some of my personal favourite, which I have tried and am loving it!

Comes in a set of 5  shades, this compact set works great to help even out irregularities on skin.
Use the green to diminish redness, the pink to erase the undereye dark shadow, and the 3 tones of beige works perfectly to cover different form of skin flaw.
The texture is creamy and yet non-oily when applied on. I practically use this on a daily basis to prep skin up before applying foundation. 
This palette of wonders retails at only RM18.90

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder 

Ultra light powder compacted in a cake form, this powder works well to give you a matte finish to last you the whole day. I personally prefer to use BB cream as my 'foundation'. After which I finish up with a swipe of the Shine Control Powder instead of loose powder for a longer lasting matte finishing. Kiasu liddat.. =D
Retails at RM18.90. 

Catrice Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder 

If the Catrice All Matt is just too norm for you, then level up and try this color correcting and mattifying one. This is my current fave! I still layer this on top of my BB Cream haha! I find the color concentration for this is more densed and hence gives better coverage than the Shine Control Powder.
Retails at RM24.90

Catrice Matt Bronzing Powder

With the current craze in face contouring, I actually purchased this for the purpose of contouring simple because it's cheap! I don't think using this as a bronzer would work for my complexion. It works equally well as a contour shade though.
Retails at RM21.90

Catrice Made to Stay Highlighter Pen

You don't necessarily need a highlighter pen to fill the inner corner of the eye. You can also use the white eye shadow from your current eye palette. But girls being girls, having a specific tools to perform specific functions makes the whole process of putting on make up a form of art okay!
I just googled and found out that you can use it on top of your lips too, to give it a vision of fuller lips. That is if you are not a self licker ;)
Retails at RM15.90

picture credits to BelleWithin

Catrice Longlasting Waterproof Eye Pencil
I despise eye pencil. I don't know how does one deal with eye pencil as they get blunt easily after one swipe. Perhaps I am not very skilful as I am a pen liner person. But upon my first application of No. 090, I am in love! If you prime your eyelid properly, it does do it's job of lasting the entire day with almost no smudge. But of course, it may differ for different individual. At the price of only RM11.90, it's still worth a try to see if it's going to be your favorite eye pencil :)

It comes with a sharpener to mildly sharpen then pencil if you wanted a thinner line.


Overall, I am pretty happy with the entire collection. I actually had more to show but let's just keep it till here for now.

You can get the Catrice collection in selected Guardian outlets. They are mostly available at those bigger outlets such as the one in KLCC, Mid Valley, Bangsar Village, and Bangsar Shopping Centre. If it's a hassle trying to search for them in the mall, go head on to Guardian Online shopping site and shop online!

Get pretty now with Catrice and Happy Shopping!

Happy Shopping!!
by Cynthia Lee

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