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Monday, September 22, 2014

That Culture in Fashion - Fashion Culture

by Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Beauty box, beauty box, more beauty box, fashion box.
All the boxes that is mushrooming in the world wide web that we are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking one to surprise ourself for the month.
My very first box was from the now defunct Fabulous Finds. Along the way I have also reviewed a few more beauty boxes.

And here is another box that I am sure by now, alot of us are quite familiar with. This ain't the ordinary beauty box, but a fashion box!
Welcome to Fashion Culture!

Just what is Fashion Culture? 

Established by a couple of fashion enthusiast, Fashion Culture is a monthly fashion subscription box in Malaysia. And because every girl has their own distinct style and personalities, there will be THREE (3) exciting styles for you to choose from every month. Be it a royal diva, a rocker queen or a K-Pop chick, you can either choose the best style for you or pick one that your normally wouldn't ;)

How Do You Go About?
As easy as A-B-C!
The most important part of the decision making is to determine what would be your style. Each months there will be 3 styles for you to choose.

The Casual Contemporary   | The Luxe Glam

Simply choose your desired mood that you would want to accessorise with for the month. 

The visual as you can see above is just an inspiration to the mood you are about to choose. Hence don't go and make a fuss as to why did you not get a Jimmy Choo in your parcel to come =D
Expect to see some stash of accessories from necklaces to headband to belts that goes along with your chosen style. 

Here's some of the style revealed from the previous fashion boxes.

Some of you may wonder, just what is the point of getting these accessories where you are not allowed to choose? You could have gotten it off the shelf somewhere. Well, yes and no actually. You know how some of us are sometimes pretty confused with our own style? Like how I always wanted to be a datin and hence I should adorn myself with all the glitters and chunky. But the team at the Fashion Culture may have a different idea on how a datin should accessorise. So I guess it would be a refreshing idea to see how is other's perception towards a style we thought we know well.
There are also time when we wonder how would we fit into a different stylo or look. If you have always been conservative and sticking to your princess girly style, wouldn't you wonder what would you be like in another different style? Like perhaps a rocker chic style? ;)

All you need to do is to select your style, check-out and wait for your style to reach you and be surprised!

I have gotten myself a box of 'em some time back which I didn't manage to post up. 
I was pretty happy with the stuff in it. It came with a red wallet which I need so much as I was about to think of getting a new one. The best item I had in the box was the Hermes inspired cuff. The real thang could have easily cost RM5,000 :3

This is my favourite Hermes inspired hand cuff!
(sorry for the blurry image- wrong focus!)

If you are bored and have some time or need some fashion tips, the FCZine is a great place to browse. You get tips and news on fashion and style around the globe. All under one e-magazine by fashion Culture :)

FCZIne covers a wide array of fashion news and tips for you to refer.

Check them out here :
Website     |      Facebook

Be stylish, be fashionable!
By Cynthia Lee (a.k.a YSK Guest Blogger)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki

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