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Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Styles: Maxed Out!

By Wei Ni (Guest Blogger)

Because Your Shopping Kaki's lovely founder Sha-Lene said so, and so it is to be! If you haven't already heard or you're brand new to our online fashion portal, welcome & take note that we love all things fashion! The first thing you have to know is that every year on the 7th of January, it is MAXI DRESS DAY! We won't get into full detail on this post on the founding of Maxi Dress Day, but feel free to check our our comprehensive article on 'Why 7th January is Maxi Dress Day'. :)

At Disneyland: Sha-Lene's current favorite maxi dress!

Started in the 1940's, where stylish socialites and Hollywood's hottest starlets would wear these absolutely stunning floor length dresses with gorgeous full skirts for fancy parties & posh tête-à-têtes. Sadly the trend kinda died off during the 60's & 70's when the famous super short mini skirts came in.

It wasn't until the early 21st century that these gorgeous floor sweeping dresses came back into season and we are very happy to say that it is now a permanent fixture in our daily lives. :)

There ain't nothing wrong with dressing up all fancy like in a maxi dress in the day! 

Maxi dresses are a great piece to quickly throw on & look put together in an instant! Whether you're going for an edgy boots & beanie look or a casual flip flops & oversized bag laze, there's a maxi out there for you for every occasion. 

Because, scarves. For windy days, cold days, any day really where you feel that the weather can get a tad unpredictable or when you're shuffling between the icy cold malls & walking along outside. Incredibly helpful when you're flying as well! Gotta keep those airplane chills away. 

A maxi dress at the beach is your perfect companion. Flowy, beautiful & fuss free, these dresses are made for the seaside. 

While Sha-Lene is bummed she couldn't bring her massive maxi dress collection with her to the U.S., her maxi-grieving hasn't stopped her from amassing a new collection! 

And now, because we are YOUR Shopping Kaki, below are our picks from around the Malaysian online fashion market! Take a peep below, and let us know what's your pick? :)
Don't forget, clicking directly on the pictures itself will direct you to the actual link of the product. :) 

Are you as obsessed with maxi dresses as we are? Which of these are your favourites? :)
Let us know by leaving a comment down below or have a chat with us on our Facebook page. ;)

Take a peep at our previous Summer Styles file:

So ends our Summer Styles series, let us know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more of these kinda posts by dropping us a comment down below or just post it directly onto our Facebook. :) 
Looking forward to hear from all you lovely readers out there! :* 

Till next time,
Wei Ni out! ;)

Happy Shopping!
Wei Ni (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

1 comment:

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