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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Beauty Box is evolving. Just like Pokemon!

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

With the onset of the haze in South East Asia, it's best to stay indoors. But it gets boring not going out, so start a-clicking and online shopping! ;D That's what Your Shopping Kaki is here for, to accompany you on your online shopping journey! We've got a string of entertaining articles this week, and we're starting with a mysterious announcement about beauty boxes! Keep reading til the end for the big reveal ;)

Despite a month of not parading my collection of beauty boxes, I actually did my subscription consistently =D With the oohs and aahs from other beauty bloggers about those beauty boxes subscription, how can I be left out!? This post, I have both the May and June boxes to boast about ;) For those who already have a box of their own, kindly click to the next post or checking some new updates from the blogroll =P For those of you who have yet to invest into any form of beauty box subscription yet, let's explore this white drawer of vanity - from Vanity Trove Malaysia.

The Awesome Wholesome May Edition was indeed awesome!

With a whole box dedicated to organic beauty products, I don't think anyone would have complaints about trying out a range with lesser chemical substance than the normal products. Definitely gentle to the skin, calming to the inner sense and friendly for the environment. Have you attained your zen by now? =P

May Edition 

Some hidden treasures - you never know, sometimes there are great deals within these vouchers!

As if the May's edition is not AWESOME enough, June made the beauty-holics into obsessive, possessive junkies in attempt to attain ever after beauty with a flawless introduction of both organic and non-organic ones. 

I like how the products feature for June is depicting exactly what most of us girls with busy lifestyle would do upon heading home at the end of the day - to replenish all the energy back to every cell in the body. The eyelashes signifies the need for most of us to project the image that the society expect us to be in - looking all pretty and presentable (don't we all wish to!)

And these are beautifully translated in the June's edition ;)
Let me tell you why I said so.

The June edition

Like it or not, we girls are expected to look our best at all time, be it at work, attending event or meeting up with friends. And beauty enhancement has become a part of us girls. While blushers gives us a glow, brow pencils define our brows and eyeliners define our eyes, lashes open up your eyes to the world - with that sultry stare!

Long, healthy-looking lashes from Celeb Beaute

Despite the hectic day, each of us come back home and will go through this lengthy process of removing make up (I call this de-masking from the people we see daily!). And it all starts with a good bottle of make up remover. 

Bifesta of Japan Eye Makeup Remover

As fancy as it looks, it is actually odorless and glides on smoothly. Just got to dab on a cotton pad and press onto eyes and wait for it to gently melt the make up away ;) Not too sure where is this available. Should be available in most local pharmacies by now!

Besides taking extra care of the face, the hair department too need some pampering and maintenance. The Loreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque is a delight to use! When I read that it contains Argan oil, besides olive and the main ingredients of Oil Incell Technology, that is definitely tempting. The goodness of argan oil have been widely blogged about. And since I have not gotten any argan oil to test out, any other products with argan oil is worth a try for me!

 L'oreal Professional Liss Ultime Shampoo and Masque

The Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Cream is a reparative hydrating cream for the face that have quite a musky floral scent to it, but nevertheless makes the skin feels deeply moisturized. It is after all an 'atas' cream =D

Going back to natural treatment is always the best remedy to calm the body and soul. 
And this is something that Vanity Trove did not forget - to go back to au naturale style ;)

Cocolab Aromatic Body Oil contains Virgin Coconut Oil and a blend of essential oils is great to give that extra boost of moisture to the body when massaged on. With anti bacterial and anti fungal properties, no worries to slather it  on some body blemished area to rid off more infection and to soothe the redness of skin.

The night is best end with a layer of lip balm from Soap Artisan Natural Lip Balm with Beeswax and Vitamin E before you tuck into bed. You definitely need to lock the extra moisture and to wake up to a velvety smooth lips :)

Assortment of vouchers for trial services 

And if their monthly beauty boxes haven't done enough to delight beautyholics each month, this coming July, Vanity Trove will be evolving! How? Just like Pokemon, but you'll sure love the upgrade - trust us, you'll want to subscribe to beauty boxes that are uniquely catered to your individual tastes! That's right, you heard it here first - beauty boxes will now be tailored to each customer's preferences! Stay tuned for reviews on the evolved beauty boxes next month, and start subscribing! ;)

Oh and of course, a beautylicious contest for shopping kakis all across Malaysia. :D

The Wish & Win contest by Vanity Trove 
allows you to win full-sized beauty products!
Just click here for more info and to join the contest ;) 

Happy Shopping!
Cynthia (a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK)
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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