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Friday, April 6, 2012

"Sorry Ma, I have SINned."

By Cynthia Lee (Guest Blogger)

Yes, I have officially SIN-ned. If you have not heard of the latest craze on the 'blogshop'sphere, welcome to the world of SIN - where shopping meets creativity. And I mean sharpening your creativity while shopping for your desired piece of clothes! ;)

iwearsin.com features a humble collection of basics from tops to dresses to skirts, all of which exudes minimalism in cutting, simplicity, and earth tones. It's perfect for many Malaysian girls who want to be fashionable but believe that less is more :)

Some of my personal favourites:

Back to Basic Collection : in the simplest form of cuts and comfort

The English Rose Collection: 
soothing colors of the earth, pleasing to the eyes, calming to the mind

You may wonder what is the big deal with these naturally monotonous range of clothes that don't speak to your specific personality - after all, you don't wanna look like every other girl. But fret not! iwearsin.com understand the need of some of us girls who have a significant style and a little something extra to fit each of our personalities.

While most of us picture ourselves in imaginary "this is so me!" apparel, unfortunately most of us are unable to do stitching or dressmaking to make those dreams come true. This is where iwearsin.com comes in to save the day! Read on to find out just how you can personalize your clothes without the hassle of having to watch How To DIY My Clothes tutorials on YouTube.
The highest level of stitching skills I most probably have ever achieved
was in making myself a matrioshka stuffed doll -_-

the nearest point of contact of me being called a designer is to design prints -_-

If you are like me, with a slight desire to see your own command of designs being materialised but lack the skills (and patience), now you can realise your dream (indirectly) via iwearsin.com. It provides a platform for you budding creative shoppers to custom your own purchase with the click of a mouse!

How do you do it?

First, choose your desired item to purchase. You may have wondered previously why does most of the items available in the website is monotonous and in the most basic form. Now you have the answer to that =D 

Initially I have chosen this gorgeous peplum flare long top with lace tie back. Notice the rows of accessories on the right hand of your chosen attire? You can now go wild decorating your attire through the simple 'drag and drop' system built-in on the website!

Pick a basic attire and get creative!

Another attempt on a long tank top, I named - Call Me Sir =P

Yet another attempt (it does get addictive!) - Summer Breeze

I eventually settled for a racer back tank top instead and went wild creating my Dark Valentine. Yes, you get to name your design ;)

Dark Valentine - my completed attire with accessories as determined by yours truly ;) 

To purchase a produce of your own design, simply add the final item into your shopping cart and check out accordingly. Alternatively, if you are keen to share your sense of style with the rest of the shoppers, you have an option to submit your marvellous design to the Community and stand a chance to win a voucher worth USD50 for designs which have gathered the most 'Like' votes for the week.

Are you tempted to try designing now? Here's the chance for you to make use of your sense of style in coming up with the most likeable design. Go get your design done and share the link of your design in the comment section of this post and also in YSK Facebook page to gather more votes from other readers. 

We will announce the winning designer with the most votes gathered for their design. Here's some of the design up in the rally to win the USD50 voucher (so you can shop more clothes in iwearsin.com to customise!)

We will have the result coming out in the next post anytime next week. So hurry up and get creative!

And in case you wondered will the actual item turn out to be exactly as per what you have designed... I had mine delivered to me a few days after my purchase. 

One of a kind! I love how it's designed by me and for me =P

I am your Dark Valentine.. hehe!

Happy Shopping!
By Cynthia Lee a.k.a Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by YourShoppingKaki :)

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