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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Product Review: Hershey's Chocolate Lip Balm

By Mechell (Guest Blogger)

Are you a fan of chocolates?

Whether you are or not, I'm pretty sure you'd have heard of Hershey's by now! :)

210 calories.

220 calories.

210 calories.

180 calories

200 calories.

OK this is getting depressing.

I love chocolate bars, chocolate snacks, chocolate cake, chocolate drinks, chocolate ice cream and even chocolate frozen yogurt, you get the picture by now :D

I'm blessed with the ability to enjoy chocolate, but you see, the problem is that I'm also blessed with cells that absorb so much fat that if I satisfy my chocolate cravings every time I have them, I'd balloon and become the size of a house. :(

But look what I got for Christmas!

My initial reaction to the lip balm, in chronological order?
  • Interesting!
  • I wonder how it tastes like.
  • Does it have calories?
  • The color of the lip balm is brown. Will it leave a brown stain on my lips?
  • Wow, it's not even that expensive! (Buy 1 for RM19 including post express/ RM22 including post laju, buy 2 for RM35 including post laju to Peninsular Malaysia/ RM38 to East Malaysia)
  • I need to try this!
As I removed the cap off the tube, my pupils literally dilated.

I'm serious! I was shocked for a moment there because the chocolate scent was just, wow, I didn't expect that coming from a lip balm. After applying it, I licked my lips once, twice, until the lip balm was all gone to make sure the taste was from the balm and not just my senses gone wrong.

Taste wise, the smell was slightly strong once I opened the cap but it wasn't so strong anymore when I got used to it. The taste was chocolatey but not so strong and had a hint of lip balm taste, after all this is still lip balm. :) At first I found the mixture of sweet and lip balm a bit weird, but I got used to it after a few applications. The most awesome part about this lip balm is that you can get your chocolate fix, anytime anywhere with zero guilty feelings. Because this chocolate lip balm has ZERO calories. I googled. :P

As for it fulfilling its function as a lip balm, this one is not too sticky and greasy, which is good. I reapply the lip balm almost every hour or two. But I'll have to say that I still prefer Carmex over this because I don't find it as hydrating or glides on as smoothly so I have to put a few applications. But Carmex doesn't taste as good as this, so I use them together sometimes. :D

p/s: They bring in Carmex lip balms too :D

Supermodel's Secrets Beauty Store"

SS Gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jalan SS 15/4B, Subang Jaya
 +6016 280 1990 (SMS/Whatsapp)

Happy Shopping!
Mechell a.k.a. Guest Blogger for YSK
Edited by Your Shopping Kaki :)


Anna said...

Nice one, Mechell!
Love your write-up!

Supermodel's Secrets said...

Thanks Mechell for the lovely review=DD

Cheap Online Pharmacy said...

I never new it. would be trying out as early as possible. thanks for sharing

Glucosamine said...

nice lip balm on sexy lips

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