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Monday, February 12, 2018


            The constant battle with hormonal change is REAL!. No matter what age you are, dealing with acne is no joke!!. It is the most stressful change any men and women will experience in their lifetime, especially when you’ve been having for years and whatever medication or products you use to cure it ,just doesn’t seem to go away. Don’t worry…. i feel your pain and yes the STRUGGLE IS REAL !!. 

At first it started out with tiny little baby pimples which does go away by just using simple acne face wash or even those local clean & clear or OXY pimple gel/ cream. All these worked forawhile until puberty kicked in and acne started to get even nastier which slowly progressed its way from a small part of the face and then end up getting the whole face covered in acne & even the back as if i've gotten chicken pox but it isn’t. Soon after post acne scarring happened which caused me to be very self conscious of what to wear and look in public.

Trouble skin, acnegenic skin 1

Trouble skin, acnegenic skin 2

Trouble skin, acnegenic skin 3

As you can see why, anything that claims to do wonders will definetely catch my attention to try. I have inflamed acne, puss acne all over my faced and back , plus the size and redness makes it even harder to cover it up. Therefore that is where my long hair and fringe covered most of my acne back in the day. Although using my bangs to cover my acne on my forehead seemed like a good idea back in high school but the end result at the end of the week was terrible. More acne arrived causing more stress trying to fine a suitable face wash, acne gel, acne cream anything to help cure the acne. Even went for facials just to get them treated but still the war between acne and I never ended. 

For years I have been searching high and low for products that could cure my acne and back acne but i could never stick to one product that really suited me as i have always had the problem of how my skin gets use to a certain product very easily therefore making that product totally useless to my skin after a month. I have tried pharmaceutical products to dermatologist product & even international skincare products that had to be pre-ordered weeks in advance, still non seem to fully cure my acne.

Chamos acaci malaysia, Trouble skin solutions 1
Chamos acaci malaysia, Trouble skin solutions 2
Until one day i came across an all organic Korean product called CHAMOS ACACI TROUBLE SKIN SOLUTION. This 2-floor skin may look like any ordinary calamine lotion but it does "MAGIC" to the skin. I thought I should utilize this item like how I use any calamine lotion - shake the bottle, blend well, and apply on your skin. Be that as it may, rather, here are the steps to use it;-

STEP 1: DO NOT SHAKE the bottle. If shaken let the solution settle down back to its original form.

STEP 2: DIP a cotton bud right down to the pink magic powder.

STEP 3: Apply it to area's where you have pimples, even on baby pimples and even rashes if you have them.

Within 3 days my acne really healed and started to disappear just how it claims to do. I was so amaze with the product i started using it religiously without failed even used it when i had rashes. Worth my RM84 spent on this as compared to paying RM97 on Mario Badescu. Here are even some of other customers and famous influencer review 

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 1

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 2

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 3

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 4

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 5

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 6

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 7

Trouble skin solutions, pimple no more 8

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