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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bazaar Review: I ♥ Bazaar

I love bazaars! What kind of shopping kaki would I be if I didn't, right? :D

The Saturday morning crowds ...
The fresh new stocks waiting to be ooh-ed and ahh-ed at ...
The guessing which blogshop that girl over there bought her dress from ...
The "Oooh I didn't know that blogshop was run by guys!" revelations ...
Being able to touch, feel, try on stuff that you've been ogling online ...
There's a magic about bazaars that no shopaholic can quite get tired of!

Presenting one of the regular fixtures in the bazaar scene these days: I Bazaar by Ryl Designs!

I Bazaar, 11am-9pm @ Subang Parade!
Complete with comfy, roomy fitting rooms! :D Hurray!

I think the flyer says it all:
Clothes. Shoes. Bags. Accessories! :D

BAGS! Oh, glorious bags! :D Fresh off the cargo shipments from Bangkok!
The top row ones are from The Survival Store, the bottom row are from 2 other shops
whose names I don't remember ... sorry! :(

Sunglasses and shades of all shades (no pun intended!) for RM15. Cinchers too!
And say, isn't that the uber-popular jailbird stripe maxi dress I see? :D
This one here's a preloved piece from Cotton On Australia - in size S.
If you drop by the bazaar tomorrow (Sunday), you might still be able to snap it up!

The gracious organizers of the bazaar - RylDesigns! :D Such nice people!! :)
Get your charm bracelets and trinkets here!
A whole bead soup for you to pick and choose from.

Shoes, dresses, tops and more - all on sale! :D

There's lace in unexpected apparel now - see picture on the right! :D
Besides playing "Spot The Lace", there were so many pretty maxi dresses there!
The one on the left is only RM45, and there are even more behind it -
and the only reason they're still available (at time of photo-taking)
is because they weren't in my size. :P

SPEAKING OF MAXI DRESSES, Cute Korean Style was outdoing themselves! :P
This is soooo awesome, especially if you're new to the maxi dress!

The Kedai Kebaya - what an interesting name, and an interesting description! :D
That alone warrants two photos! The next time I go there, I'll be sure to buy one too :)

Things YSK readers might like: denim shorts or a fuschia-coloured Chanel-inspired bag! :D

Shooooooooes! Shuuuuz! How many ways can I exclaim "Shoes!" excitedly? :D
The darndest thing is that each pair comes in only one size!
Biggest is size 9. Average sizes 5-7. Go try your luck! :)

So many things, so little time! The trick to find treasures which have your name on them:
Patiently and slowly look through every single item on a rack like the above :P

More bags and dresses! :D Mostly on sale, too!
Bottom left bags are from Me Love X Vigilant, quite a nice blog for bags! :)

These accessories from Nana's Garden (top row) and Rose's Handmade Earrings
are 100% gush-worthy in every way! :D

More hilarious button badges from Eff-Bombs! :D
Plenty of graphic tees from MyFavouritees (pictured below) as well!

And there was a stall with clothes that are sooooo cheap - we're talking around RM10!

If you're looking for cheongsams, I've noticed Luvenz is quite the go-to site! :)
I've seen the same shop at The Curve's weekend street market as well as this bazaar :D
They have a retail store too, located in Pusat Dagangan NZX, PJ.

Headscarves and modest Muslim chic wear a-plenty! :D
Plus MAC and BB Cream cosmetics too!

And not forgetting stuff for the guys! :D
I don't even know what these are, but they looked like sporty stuff - so I took pix. Hehe!

On a final note - besides the awesome clothes, bags, shoes and accessories ...
why do I say I Bazaar is truly a bazaar to love? :P

Because there are so many places to sit and eat - and even an arcade and gym
to entertain the non-shopaholics you might've brought along with you! :P

Perfect much? :D
Don't forget it's in an air-conditioned mall! :) Comfy!
For more info about I Bazaar, please click HERE! :D

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)


Lee Ann said...

i didnt even aware of the bazzaaaarrr at allllllllll

Ryl Designs said...

Hey ShaLene
Thanks you so much for dropping by to our bazaar and writing this absolutely amazing review about it :) Nice meeting you for the first time! Hope you had fun


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