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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Advertorial: A different kinda wonderland ...

16 June.
Year: 2009.

One of the happiest days of my life.

As the courier truck pulled up in front of the gates ...
As I signed my name with my hands trembling in anticipation ...
As I took the box into the house and tore it open with a savage shopaholicism ...

There it was: perfection.

That delicious vanilla colour.
Soft. Quilted. Roomy. Intertwined braided straps.

My first yellow bag. :D

Of course, being your resident Shopping Kaki, I had to get it online.
And I had to get it from AliceWonders.com.
No questions asked, this is the bag wonderland of the Malaysian blogshop scene! :D

After all, AliceWonders offers some of the best and most popular quilted bags ... ever!

From bags that are just super adorable! ...

... to more slices of quilted paradise ...

... that are simply fashionable, fashionable, fashionable! ...

... to more structured bags that speak the mothertongue of corporate chic ...

... plus a vast range of quirky bags too! ;)
Definitely one-of-a-kind, perfect for expressing your personality!

Btw, laptop sleeves and messenger bags, anyone? :)
My friends love buying these from AliceWonders at bazaars!

Last but not least, the latest must-have in the bagaholicsphere...
Purse hook
Well, to me, they're more like bag hooks. :D I find them super useful.
When I'm dining somewhere and -
I don't want to put my bag/purse/clutch on my lap in case I spill food all over it (heee)
and not behind me in case someone steals it (yes, I'm paranoid that way),
then it's the AliceWonders purse hook to the rescue!
Just put it on the edge of the table and hook your bag on it. Settle! :D
Eternal bag convenience at only RM20 including shipping. :)

Many more colours and designs at AliceWonders.com :)

Q&A with Hui Woon
Owner of AliceWonders.com

  • YSK: What's the story behind Alice Wonders? How did it all begin?
  • Hui Woon: The business is founded upon "restless-ness" =) Jaded about corporate life, we decided to quit the rat race to create something of our own. So apart from shopping for the loveliest bags AND escorting the White Rabbit to visit its fans... we are 24 hours, 7 days a week, fully focused on this growing baby. AliceWonders.com officially launched on 15th Oct 2008.
  • YSK: Why "AliceWonders"?
  • Hui Woon: Well, we were really looking for a name that will capture the idea of an "alternative shopping world". And here, the concept of Alice in Wonderland fits so perfectly. It's about a girl trying to find her way in a crazy world (aren't we all?) - it's an adventure, it's unpredictable, and best of all, it has this sense of eccentricity that gives us room to offer shoppers a little mischievous humor and surprise! In a nutshell, it's what we would love to call "fashion shopping with a twist".
  • YSK: Who are the people behind AliceWonders? Tell us more about yourselves! ;)
  • Hui Woon: Mid 20s. Has peculiar habit of wondering too much (yes, that's another interpretation of AliceWonders). Tames her restlessness with shopping sprees, but when the purse does not allow, she releases the extra energy by doing crazy things like cycling from Johor to Kelantan (not joking).
  • YSK: What's your favourite AliceWonders product of all time, and why? :D
  • Hui Woon: I can only choose one?! =D Well, there are basically 2 favourite styles.
One, classic Chanel inspired pieces that never go out of style.
Two, eccentric and bold pieces inspired by Marc Jacobs which just exudes individuality and confidence.

  • YSK: Lol, so much for picking just the one thing! Anyway, tell us more about the rabbit we see in your product line! :P I'm sure everyone's just that little bit curious!
  • Hui Woon: You mean the Brown Adorable Rabbit? That is just one of the creatures, like Alice, that found itself lost and wandering in wonderland =) So if you would love to get a real life bunny, yes you can order one but not through us. Click here instead! They are pure breds, which is why they cost RM180!

  • YSK: Where do you find the inspiration for your awesome contests and games? :)
  • Hui Woon: Haha... Of course, everything is inspired by the story from both Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass books. The site itself is peppered with references to the Alice in Wonderland story... E.g. "Down the rabbit hole" (which leads to our yummy products), "Teapot Hot", gloved hand cursors that seem to be pointing everywhere and of course the White Rabbit...
  • YSK: Tell us more about the games! :)
  • Hui Woon: Two of the most popular games we have organized is "Find The White Rabbit" and "Mad Tea Party".
  • "Find the White Rabbit" - We held this contest the first time as part of our launch campaign (Nov). In short, it is a one-week rabbit hunt on our website, which offers the FIRST contestant to find the rabbit, a free bag of his/her choice. Of course, this hunt caused some serious addiction, especially the gung-ho ones would be busy looking for tips on our Facebook, sitting in front of the internet waiting for rabbit release time... so it was organized for the 2nd time in March. Currently, we are trying to make this hunt even more challenging (as we are getting more and more seasoned hunters!), so fans should really stay tuned, something will be up soon *winks*. You can read more about the latest contest in March by *clicking here*.
  • "Mad Tea Party" - This is where we REDEFINE the meaning of sales to shopaholics out there =) The party is held 24 hours, and during this time, ALL the prices of our bags go berserk... growing and shrinking like stock market prices! We go as low as 70%! So fans usually stay up till the wee hours to guard their favourite bag. Party invitations are sent out really last minute (thanks to the late white rabbit), so fans should keep an eye on our website or subscribe to our mailing list.
  • And oh, all these are just the beginning... we definitely have MORE up our sleeves *mischievous grin*. To keep in touch with anything MAD that will go on in wonderland, readers can subscribe to our Facebook group or login and register in our website (make sure to tick "Allow Promotional Emails").
  • YSK: What can we expect in the near future from our bag wonderland? :D
  • Hui Woon: Here's a tip for those who want a sneak peak... think Queen of Hearts, The Blue Caterpillar, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, Chess Boards, Humpty-Dumpty etc etc =D
  • And we have great news! AliceWonders.com has opened a showroom cum office located at Centrepoint Bandar Utama! Apart from storing our ever-growing stocks, we also want to bring more convenience to our shoppers. For those who are unsure about how the bag looks like, we encourage customers to browse our website to find something they like, make a reservation online, and then drop by our showroom at their convenience to pick up and pay for the product! The showroom will be opened Mon-Sat from 11am till 6pm. However, feel free to make an appointment with us if you wish to visit us (contact: 010-277 2962). We are currently sharing space with "Beverly Collections" who sells the loveliest hand-made dolls and soft toys! Location details: F16, 1st Floor (near the Fitness Center), Centerpoint Bandar Utama.*Click here for the map*
  • YSK: What's your favourite AliceWonders memory so far?
  • Hui Woon: I would have to say the stories our customers send to us, thanking us for making their day! We once helped to send a laptop sleeve to a customer's sister. She initially thought the parcel was sent to her by mistake, only to discover later it was a surprise gift from her cheeky sister (who even asked for her help to pick up the best design, with the excuse that it was for herself).

Before we wrap up this feature advertorial...
Guess what you get by reading this blog post? :D

AliceWonders.com is offering exclusive 10% discount to YSK readers!
Applicable on all products, except during mad sales.
Just type in the code "YSK10" in your order form discount column.
This special discount is valid until 1st August, 2009!

So whatcha waiting for? :D
It's time to explore AliceWonders.com!

Happy Shopping!
Your Shopping Kaki :)

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